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Table of Contents: 2013-2014 Warren Wilson College Catalog 0.1 Academic Calendar 0.2 Warren Wilson College Catalog 0.3 From the President 0.4 Accreditation and Memberships 0.5 Table of Contents 1.01 Mission, Values, Objectives, and Vision 1.02 College Profile 1.03 History 1.04 Undergraduate Admission 1.05 Financial Aid 1.06 Withdrawal and Refund Policy 1.07 Student Life 1.08 Special Facilities 1.09 Resources and Educational Opportunities 1.10 PEW Learning Center and Ellison Library 2.1 Work Program 2.2 Service Program 2.3 Academic Policies and Regulations 2.4 Baccalaureate Degree Requirements 3 Programs of Study 3.2 Undergraduate Programs of Study 3.2.01 Art 3.2.02 Biology 3.2.03 Business 3.2.04 Chemistry 3.2.05 Creative Writing 3.2.06 Education 3.2.07 English 3.2.08 Environmental Studies 3.2.09 Gender and Women's Studies 3.2.10 Global Studies 3.2.11 History and Political Science 3.2.12 Integrative Studies 3.2.13 Mathematics 3.2.14 Modern Languages 3.2.15 Music 3.2.16 Outdoor Leadership 3.2.17 Peace and Justice Studies 3.2.18 Philosophy 3.2.19 Physics 3.2.20 Psychology 3.2.21 Religious Studies 3.2.22 Social Work 3.2.23 Sociology/Anthropology 3.2.24 Sustainable Business 3.2.25 Theatre 3.2.26 Women's Studies 3.2.27 Writing 3.3 Graduate Program 3.3.1 Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing 3.4 Specialized Advising Areas 3.4.1 Pre-Law Advising 3.4.2 Pre-Medical and Pre-Allied Health Advising 3.4.3 Pre-Peace Corps, International, and Non-Governmental Service Advising 3.4.4 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Advising 4.01 Courses of Instruction 4.02 Anthropology (ANT) 4.03 Art (ART) 4.04 Biology (BIO) 4.05 Business (BA) 4.06 Chemistry (CHM) 4.07 Economics (ECO) 4.08 Education (EDU) 4.09 English (ENG) 4.10 Environmental Studies (ENS) 4.11 Gender and Women's Studies (GDS) 4.12 Global Studies (GBL) 4.13 History (HIS) 4.14 Interdepartmental (INT) 4.15 Modern Language (LAN) 4.16 Mathematics (MAT) 4.17 Music (MUS) 4.18 Outdoor Leadership (ODL) 4.19 Peace and Justice Studies (PAX) 4.20 Philosophy (PHI) 4.21 Physical Education (PED) 4.22 Physics (PHY) 4.23 Political Science (PSC) 4.24 Psychology (PSY) 4.25 Religious Studies (REL) 4.26 Science (SCI) 4.27 Social Work (SWK) 4.28 Sociology (SOC) 4.29 Theatre (THR) 4.30 Writing (WRI) 5.1 Administration and Staff 5.2 Undergraduate Faculty 5.2.1 Library Faculty and Staff 5.2.2 Staff Teachers 5.3 Graduate Faculty and Staff 6.1 Board of Trustees 6.2 Alumni Board 6.3 Endowed Scholarships 7.1 Index of Sections


Rowena Manzo Pomeroy
Assistant to the President

Rowena Pomeroy Address:
WWC CPO 6374
PO Box 9000
Asheville, NC 28815-9000

Phone: 828.771.2070

Email: rpomeroy@warren-wilson.edu

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Endowed Scholarships

The following is a list of Endowed Scholarships that are assigned based on the Financial Aid form received with the Admission application.

Joel B. Adams, Jr. Sustainability - merit; an incoming student who plans to major in Environmental Studies and/or whose academic studies will focus towards serving issues of sustainability.

Chris and Olga Ahrens - deserving student(s) from Central America.

Stella Frosst Alexander and James Moses Alexander - merit; high academic standing; high moral character; active in church, school, and community; demonstrates an interest in the welfare of others.

Bijan and Mary Amini - outstanding student with demonstrated need.

Cyrus E. and Marian P. Anderson - need with preference to a junior or senior who intends to teach in public schools.

Stevenette Gentry Anderson - preferences (1) Business/Finance Major; (2) Music Minor (Major if offered); (3) Resident of Western North Carolina, East Tennessee, or the Appalachian Region.

Ernest and Frances Arnold - deserving student.

Asheville Normal and Teachers College - need, with preference to students expressing a desire to teach in the elementary or secondary grades.

Dr. Arthur M. Bannerman Leadership - a student who has completed his/her junior year standing with a GPA of 3.3 based on 4.0, and is returning for the senior year. Recommendation for the award will be based on demonstrated leadership or leadership potential. The Administrative Council will select the recipient.

Arthur and Lucile Bannerman - need; all-around student; leads a religious life; "C" average or better.

Barkley Memorial - student from North Carolina with demonstrated need.

David C. Beebe - international students.

Ralph Waldo Beeson and Orlean Bullard Beeson - need.

George and Evelyn Brabson - merit.

Alice P. Burnette - pre-veterinary medicine student.

Melvin and Selma Burns - need; full-time student; preference to international students.

Alfred O. Canon - need.

Carnahan-Jackson Foundation - need.

Ambrose C. Clarke - need.

Helen S. Cody - need.

Collins/Kahl Future Scientists - need; students studying in the sciences.

John Palmer Darnall and Sara Ernst Darnall - need.

C. Grier Davis - needy students from the nearby area.

Katie Dean - need.

Samuel and Evelyn DeVries - need.

Dorland-Bell - need, with a preference given to (1) relative of a Dorland-Bell alumna or (2) resident of Madison County, North Carolina.

Shelley Saunders Eatherly Sustainability - students majoring in Environmental Studies or related field with focus on sustainability; competitive.

Robert G. and Madge C. Eubanks - need, with preference to students from North Carolina.

William C. Faulds International - full-time international students with demonstrated financial need.

Chester and Louise Ferguson - student(s) from East Tennessee; from Tallahassee, Florida area; from the Tampa Bay, Florida area; or from northwestern Georgia (Dalton, Chasworth, or Ellijay areas).

James R. Fields - need.

Robert Alanson Forbes - preference to international students with demonstrated financial need.

Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church - need.

Desiree Franklin - descendent of a Confederate veteran; need.

French Broad River Garden Club - Junior or Senioran outstanding continuing student with an interest in plants, greenhouses, gardening or pollination; selected by the Chair of the Environmental Studies Department.

Vera C. Furst - unrestricted.

Philip H. Garrou - need.

Rebecca Glanville Memorial - entering female freshman with a GPA of 3.0 or better and ana demonstrated interest in helping others in need.

Louis Philip Guigou - need.

Hampton-Newcombe - need.

Angela S. Bedrossian Hancock - displaced Armenian student from Lebanon, Cyprus, or Syria, if possible.

Jane Bradley Hansen Memorial - need.

Harambee Scholarship in Honor of Deborah Bailey - international students.

Elizabeth Harkey - international (Africa or Mexico first preference) or from low-income neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Rev. John R. and Katherine Lambert Hays - assist in meeting the general needs of students leading to their graduation.

Evelyn Berry Henderson Service - preference to students who demonstrate a strong commitment to service.

John William Hess Memorial - African American student who leads a Christian life.

Elizabeth W. Holden - need.

John M. Holden - international students, with preference given to those who are fatherless.

Reuben and Elizabeth Holden - need.

Willie Sue Toms Hudgins - need.

Francis Pledger Hulme - rising Sophomore majoring in English; competitive.

Margery Anderson Iseman - need.

Ruby Killian Jenkins - need.

Henry Jensen - preference to a student or students of demonstrated financial need. The student or students should be of good academic and social standing.

Ida Johnson - need, academic achievement, character, motivation.

Homer and Helen Jones - need.

Christine Fields Jorgensen - preference to female students; need.

The Reverend and Suella Denson Keller - need.

Helen Kittredge Memorial - need.

William G. and Elizabeth Skeele Klein - junior student majoring in sociology or anthropology; activities that reflect to a high degree a religious concern for human dignity, good will, and understanding among people of diverse backgrounds.

William and Rose Knoop - need.

Bernhard and Kathrine Laursen - need and character.

Clarence and Mary Lecrone - need.

William S. Lee Memorial - international (Africa or Mexico first preference) or from low-income neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina.

J. Edwin Leech - need.

Donald B. Litchard - need.

Karla Longree - need.

Christina and Malcolm Maccubbin Memorial - recipient to have completed at least one semester at WWC in good standing.

Carl A. and Bernice Marshall - Appalachian students showing great need.

Elinor L. Martin - need.

John M. Matthews, Sr., Memorial - need.

James and Claudia Maxwell - student from east Tennessee; from the Tallahassee, Florida area; from the Tampa Bay, Florida area; or from northwestern Georgia (Dalton, Chasworth, or Ellijay areas).

Earl H. Mayne - international students with demonstrated financial need.

R. Bruce and Audrey McBratney - need.

D. J. McIntosh - math, science, or religion majors.

George and Asha McMillan and Dr. Lisa Bland McMillan - needy Christian student.

Charles F. Myers, Jr., Student Leadership - merit; leadership in athletics.

Elmer and Catherine Neese - need.

Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation - needy students from the area in which the College is located.

Barbara Otis - international students with demonstrated financial need.

Randall Overrocker - need.

Fred Ohler Service - need; student who exhibits exemplary community service.

Grace Lee Peace - rising seniors who have demonstrated an extraordinary dedication to peace and social justice.

Pearl Foundation - student with need who has been out of school for three years or longer.

Joshua Peterson Memorial - deserving students with demonstrated financial need.

Norm Propst Work - need.

Racial and Ethnic Students - racial/ethnic minority students with demonstrated financial need.

Linda Read - need.

Fleet and Laura Reeves - needy student from western North Carolina.

Verne and Dorothea Rhoades - need, with preference to students from Buncombe County, North Carolina, or Western North Carolina.

Ada Rice and Beatrice Rice Wells Memorial - need with preference to descendants or relatives of those who attended Asheville Normal and Teachers College.

Dick and Julia Richards - international students with financial need.

Lunsford Richardson - international students.

Alcwyn and Billie Roberts - need.

Marshall and Mary Elizabeth Roberts - need; preferablly an English or Creative Writing major with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Elizabeth and Eva Robinson - need.

Esther and Samuel Robinson - international students.

George and Charlie Ruth Ross - student from east Tennessee; from the Tallahassee, Florida area; from the Tampa Bay, Florida area; or from northwestern Georgia (Dalton, Chasworth, or Ellijay areas).

W. Osborne Rowland - preference to students from the Greater Philadelphia (Delaware Valley) area.

Russell Charitable Trust Scholarship - need.

The Sallie Mae Fund Endowed Scholarship for Business and Economics Majors - undergraduate students with demonstrated need who are enrolled in the Helen Powers Business and Economics Program.

George A. and Marie B. Scheetz - need.

Service and Peace Awards - merit; students preparing for careers in service-related areas such as Christian service, Peace Corps, social work, etc.

Alma Shippy - to promote diversity among the student body; need.

Al Logan Slagle - worthy student of Native American heritage.

Howard and Alison Stanton - need; preference to international students.

Dennis and Kay Stockdale Scholarship - need and scholastic achievement; major in Biology or English.

Roger Stuck Service Scholarship - preference to Warren Wilson undergraduates who have completed two years of government service in one of the following ways: the U.S. Armed Services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard); national programs such as Peace Corps, VISTA and Ameri-Corps, or similar state, regional, or local programs; need, but not to replace other grants.

Algernon Sydney Sullivan - need; also academic promise, high personal character, and commitment to public service.

Algie and Elizabeth Sutton - merit.

Mary B. Sweet - preference for international students.

Bertie and Lester Taylor - need; recommend that one year in five, consideration be given to an international student.

Pauline Cobb Thrift - need, with preference to students who express a desire to enter the teaching profession.

Hugh and Margaret Verner - international students with financial need.

Donald T. Warner - merit; awarded through the Admission Office.

Joan Purkey Watkins - students in good standing with a minor in music.

John and Inez Watson - academic merit and demonstrated need.

Wayne Presbyterian Church (Wayne, Pennsylvania) - need.

Harriette Lucile Shope Weaver - need.

Sprinza Weizenblatt - need.

Thomas E. Whiteman - unrestricted.

Frances Moffitt Whitfield - need.

Wilson-Kisbaugh - need.

J. Houston Witherspoon - need.

Woodbury Foundation - merit or need; essay or nomination required.

James W. G. and Llewellyn Woollcott - need.

Austin Wright Leadership Scholarship: - Junior or Senior Outdoor Leadership major with need who has overcome such obstacles as a learning disability or an experience of significant loss. Selected by the Outdoor Leadership faculty.

Grover and Ruth Yeager - Pennsylvania with demonstrated need.

Joel B. Adams Sustainability - merit, with preference to students 1) majoring in Environmental Studies or 2) studying in any program focusing on issues of sustainability.

Bijan and Mary Amini - need.

Collins/Kahl Future Scientists - need, with preference to students studying in the sciences.

Robert G. and Madge C. Eubanks - need, with preference to students from North Carolina.

William C. Faulds International - international students with financial need.

Evelyn Berry Henderson Service - need, with preference to students demonstrating a strong commitment to service prior to or during enrollment.

Pauline Cobb Thrift - need, with preference to students who express a desire to enter the teaching profession.

John and Inez Watson - need.