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Table of Contents: 2013-2014 Warren Wilson College Catalog 0.1 Academic Calendar 0.2 Warren Wilson College Catalog 0.3 From the President 0.4 Accreditation and Memberships 0.5 Table of Contents 1.01 Mission, Values, Objectives, and Vision 1.02 College Profile 1.03 History 1.04 Undergraduate Admission 1.05 Financial Aid 1.06 Withdrawal and Refund Policy 1.07 Student Life 1.08 Special Facilities 1.09 Resources and Educational Opportunities 1.10 PEW Learning Center and Ellison Library 2.1 Work Program 2.2 Service Program 2.3 Academic Policies and Regulations 2.4 Baccalaureate Degree Requirements 3 Programs of Study 3.2 Undergraduate Programs of Study 3.2.01 Art 3.2.02 Biology 3.2.03 Business 3.2.04 Chemistry 3.2.05 Creative Writing 3.2.06 Education 3.2.07 English 3.2.08 Environmental Studies 3.2.09 Gender and Women's Studies 3.2.10 Global Studies 3.2.11 History and Political Science 3.2.12 Integrative Studies 3.2.13 Mathematics 3.2.14 Modern Languages 3.2.15 Music 3.2.16 Outdoor Leadership 3.2.17 Peace and Justice Studies 3.2.18 Philosophy 3.2.19 Physics 3.2.20 Psychology 3.2.21 Religious Studies 3.2.22 Social Work 3.2.23 Sociology/Anthropology 3.2.24 Sustainable Business 3.2.25 Theatre 3.2.26 Women's Studies 3.2.27 Writing 3.3 Graduate Program 3.3.1 Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing 3.4 Specialized Advising Areas 3.4.1 Pre-Law Advising 3.4.2 Pre-Medical and Pre-Allied Health Advising 3.4.3 Pre-Peace Corps, International, and Non-Governmental Service Advising 3.4.4 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Advising 4.01 Courses of Instruction 4.02 Anthropology (ANT) 4.03 Art (ART) 4.04 Biology (BIO) 4.05 Business (BA) 4.06 Chemistry (CHM) 4.07 Economics (ECO) 4.08 Education (EDU) 4.09 English (ENG) 4.10 Environmental Studies (ENS) 4.11 Gender and Women's Studies (GDS) 4.12 Global Studies (GBL) 4.13 History (HIS) 4.14 Interdepartmental (INT) 4.15 Modern Language (LAN) 4.16 Mathematics (MAT) 4.17 Music (MUS) 4.18 Outdoor Leadership (ODL) 4.19 Peace and Justice Studies (PAX) 4.20 Philosophy (PHI) 4.21 Physical Education (PED) 4.22 Physics (PHY) 4.23 Political Science (PSC) 4.24 Psychology (PSY) 4.25 Religious Studies (REL) 4.26 Science (SCI) 4.27 Social Work (SWK) 4.28 Sociology (SOC) 4.29 Theatre (THR) 4.30 Writing (WRI) 5.1 Administration and Staff 5.2 Undergraduate Faculty 5.2.1 Library Faculty and Staff 5.2.2 Staff Teachers 5.3 Graduate Faculty and Staff 6.1 Board of Trustees 6.2 Alumni Board 6.3 Endowed Scholarships 7.1 Index of Sections


Paul Perrine
Dean of Students

Paul Perrine Address:
WWC CPO 6196
PO Box 9000
Asheville, NC 28815-9000

Phone: 828.771.3768

Email: pperrine@warren-wilson.edu

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Student Life

1.07.01 - Academic Support Services

Academic Support Services are designed to assist students in developing and improving study skills and habits that will enhance their academic success. The Director of Academic Support Services works individually with students to define areas of need and to develop plans for the improvement of academic performance, including the use of the Counseling Center, the Career Resource Center, and the Writing Center, departmental tutoring, and workshops on a variety of issues including time management, test and note-taking strategies, dealing with stress, math anxiety, and memory and its role in learning.

To request assistance or information, contact Director of Academic Support Lyn O'Hare at 1-828-771-3012 or academicsupport@warren-wilson.edu.

1.07.02 - Athletics and Recreational Facilities

Intercollegiate Athletics: The College fields men's and women's varsity teams in soccer, basketball, cross-country, cycling team, mountain biking, and swimming. Warren Wilson College is a member of both the United States Collegiate Athletic Association.

Facilities: The DeVries Athletic Center includes a gymnasium, a weight-fitness room, a 25-yard indoor swimming pool, six tennis courts, two soccer fields, and an outdoor basketball court.

Bryson Gymnasium, the oldest wooden gym in Western Carolina, was recently renovated and currently houses the Outdoor Programs offices, the rock climbing wall, Wellness activities, yoga and dance classes, and other special events.

1.07.03 - Clubs/Intramural Teams

The College sponsors co-educational club teams in ultimate frisbee, rowing, fencing, indoor soccer, timbersports, and step. Intramural activities vary depending on student interest. Recent activities have included kickball, flag football, water polo, tennis, dodgeball, and basketball. Credit and non-credit classes in martial arts, spinning, yoga, meditation, weight lifting, and physical fitness are sometimes offered. See Physical Education (PED) courses, section 4.21.

1.07.04 - Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides a full range of free and confidential personal counseling services for all enrolled students, including short-term individual, couples, and group counseling; assessment; consultation; and crisis intervention. Additionally, the center offers limited psychiatric services, which must be arranged through the counselors. For students presenting needs or preferences beyond the scope of the Counseling Center, referrals will be made to appropriate local providers.

1.07.05 - Diversity and Intercultural Initiatives

Diversity and Intercultural Initiatives (DII) offers services to support the academic and personal empowerment and well-being of students of diverse national, ethnic and racial backgrounds. Their mission is to provide an environment where underrepresented students can flourish. Together, the DII Director, Student Coordinators, and Student Peer Mentors offer academic advising, mentoring, information on resources and opportunities at WWC, moral support, and advocacy.

The Director of Diversity and Intercultural Initiatives responds to complaints relating to issues of discrimination, diversity, and inclusion. The Director also chairs the Diversity Practices Group and works with the Administrative Council to formulate and develop existing programs and policies designed to promote diversity and inclusion on campus.

1.07.06 - Disability-Related Services

The College strives to be in full compliance with section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), and ADA Amendments Act of 2008. Students requesting accommodations under these acts should provide documentation of the disability that substantially limits a major life activity. For detailed information about the required documentation, visit http://www.warren-wilson.edu/info/accommodations.php. To request assistance or determine appropriate accommodations, contact Educational Access Coordinator Deborah Braden at 1-828-771-3791 or dbraden@warren-wilson.edu.

For additional academic support, students may seek assistance from their academic advisors, course instructors, or the Director of Academic Support Services.

1.07.07 - Governance

The Student Caucus is the primary representative body for students and is part of Warren Wilson's shared governance system. The Caucus meets each week during the school year to discuss student concerns and provide information to students. The Caucus makes policy recommendations in areas affecting Student Life, including the general philosophy and direction of the College, social regulations, student discipline, student housing, student activities, intercollegiate athletics, the Work Program, the Service Program, and the academic calendar.

The College's standing committees include elected student members. Students are either appointed or elected to task forces and search committees.

(See also section 1.02.7)

1.07.08 - Health Center

The Health Center is staffed by a full-time Registered Nurse and a part time Registered Nurse. Medical direction is provided by an MD. There are no charges for most Health Center services. Some over-the-counter remedies are also dispensed without a fee. The College will provide transportation to either an after-hours care facility or the emergency room at the local hospital. There is a charge for visits to after-hours care facilities or other medical practitioners to whom you are referred. Generally health insurance is helpful in covering these costs. No health services are available over the summer or other times that classes are not in session.

Transportation for Medical Appointments

Transportation to off-campus scheduled medical appointments is available on a limited basis if you have no transportation of your own. Medical appointments include recovery groups, dentists, physical therapy, and medical specialists. To request a ride, contact the Health Center at least 24 hours in advance.

1.07.09 - Health Promotion

Under the direction of the Health Educator, the Health Promotion Crew members participate in health education and promotion across campus on topics including substance use education and emerging health issues. The crew produces late night programming, marketing and advertising, awareness tabling, and event monitor training and assessment. Smoking cessation programs and alcohol and other substance education and prevention efforts are also offered.

1.07.10 - Outdoor Programs

The Outdoor Programs Office sponsors weekly activities and trips both on and off campus. Weekly activities include: climbing wall nights, roll practice and kayak polo in the college pool, kayak and canoe sessions, weekly skiing and snowboarding trips to area slopes, bouldering at local sites, and skateboarding at the local skate park. All weekly activities are free or discounted for students, faculty, and staff. Weekend trips occur every weekend of the academic year and include: canoeing, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, bouldering, caving, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, skiing/snowboarding, hang gliding, running, and adventure racing. Trips are first come and open to students, faculty, and staff. Gear is available through the Outdoor Programs Office for most activities. Gear is also available for checkout for personal outdoor trips. The Community Bike Shop is also available and has bikes available to students, conducts maintenance workshops, and provides bicycle service for all Warren Wilson College community members.

1.07.11 - Residence Halls

Ninety percent of Warren Wilson students live in one of the 18 campus residence halls. The residence halls are small, ranging in size from 17 to 135 students, and each includes a common living room, kitchen, and laundry. Each residence hall has student staff who are responsible for the residence community. Most student rooms are double occupancy, but there are single room options for upper class students in the apartment style housing. Other housing options include single sex, theme housing, suite style, and affinity housing options such as first year, substance-free, designated quiet, and Ecodorm.

1.07.12 - RISE (Resistance, Intervention, Safety & Empowerment) Project

The RISE Project addresses consent, safer sex, sexual assault, healthy relationships, relationship abuse, and stalking through education, support, advocacy, and programming. Work crews participate in educational workshops on a variety of topics such as bystander intervention, sexual harassment, and preventing relationship violence. Students meet with the Director of the RISE Project and a crew of student RISE Advocates to process their experiences and develop plans for safety and healing. The RISE Crew creates publications that offer information and resources to students; organizes events such as open-mics, performances, Take Back the Night, and safer sex workshops; and coordinates service opportunities with Room in the Inn, Helpmate, and Our VOICE. The Sexual Misconduct Hearing Panel, work crew supervisors, Public Safety, and student leaders receive RISE's trainings on dynamics of violence, resources, and interventions. RISE seeks to create an environment where the conditions that perpetuate violence do not exist, and everyone feels respected and safe in the community.

1.07.13 - Spiritual Life

The Director of Spiritual Life and College Chaplain and members of the Religious Studies faculty support and promote programs that represent different religious and spiritual traditions.

The Office of Spiritual Life and the Spirituality and Social Justice Crew exist to nurture religious and spiritual life by providing opportunities for students to explore more deeply their own faith traditions and to learn from the religious and spiritual traditions of others; to ask and reflect on questions of meaning, purpose and values; to pursue their authentic vocation; and to engage in peace and social justice work through service and activism. Spiritual Life supports student groups in the Christian (Emmaus), Jewish (WWC Hillel), Buddhist (BE), Quaker, Unitarian Universalist, and Pagan traditions, and hosts campus-wide holy day observances and celebrations. The Crew encourages holistic growth and transformation through spiritual practices, education, dialogue, reflection, and social action.

The College Chapel/Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church has worship services every Sunday morning and participation in the Chapel Choir is open to all members of the community.

The Wellness Crew sponsors yoga and other programs related to spiritual practices.

1.07.14 - Student Activities

Student Activities organizes major social events for the campus community. The Director of Student Activities and the Student Activities Crew book local, regional, and national bands; produce student music shows; collaborate with the student-run coffee shop, Sage Cafe; and coordinate events sponsored by campus clubs such as Conscious Alliance. Student Activities also sponsors fun weekly events including Open Mics, Pop Culture Quiz Nights, and Appalachian Music Nights, and larger events such as the Drag Show and the Circus.

1.07.15 - Student Media

A campus news bulletin, a student newspaper, an on-line publication, a photo yearbook, and a literary arts magazine are written, edited, produced, and printed by student workers and student volunteers. In addition, many campus groups and work crews create and distribute their own newsletters and brochures.

1.07.16 - Wellness

The Wellness Program offers a variety of programs that help students to create, pursue, and practice a lifestyle of balance and well-being. The program currently presents free non-credit classes such as several styles of yoga, vegetarian cooking, salsa, belly, and tap dancing; herbal walks, massage, Reiki, and Tai Chi. Many programs are initiated by students' interests.

Many campus improvements have grown out of Wellness initiatives, such as the creation of a meditation labyrinth, a meditation hut, an outdoor brick-fired pizza and bread oven, weight room additions, a greenhouse, and Sage Cafe.