Africana Studies

Program Overview

The minor in Africana Studies allows students to explore the cultural, historical, and political experiences of peoples of African descent from a global perspective. In this interdisciplinary course of study, students make connections between African, African-American, and African diasporic forms and practices and gain a foundation in current theoretical perspectives on race.

The goals of the Warren Wilson College Africana Studies Program are the following:

  1. To introduce students to the great diversity of historical, cultural, and artistic contributions made by
    peoples of African descent across the globe.
  2. To teach students to critically examine and deconstruct the concept of race/ethnicity from both an
    individual and societal perspective.

Minor in Africana Studies

Grades: Students must pass courses at a grade of C- or better to count toward the minor. Students must also maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.0.

Total Credit Hours: Students must earn a minimum of 24 credit hours to fulfill the minor requirements.


  1. I. The following courses (12 credits):
    1. ANT 261 Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa
    2. HIS 334 African-American History
    3. REL 254 Critical Race Theory
  2. II. Electives (12 credits):
    Students must complete at least 12 credits from the following list. Students must take at least one elective from the Social Science Division and one from the Fine Arts and Humanities Division. *
    1. A. Fine Arts and Humanities Electives
    2. ART 225 African-American Art and Thought
    3. ENG 270 African-American Writings
    4. LAN 465 Francophone Literature
    5. MUS 286 Jazz Appreciation
    6. Selected Topics in Dance (THR)
    7. B. Social Science Electives
    8. GDS 305 Arab Women’s Literature and Film
    9. REL 310 Race, Morality, and the Politics of Crime
    10. REL 321 Religion, Peace, and Social Justice: Seminar

*Relevant study abroad, special topics, or other courses fulfill the elective credit hours as well, as approved by the program director.