Educational Resources and Services

1.09.01 – Academic Support Services

The Academic Support Center offers assistance to students so that they can become more effective, engaged and intentional learners. Academic Support services are designed to provide support for students at all stages of their college careers. These services help students develop the skills necessary to be successful learners by providing a supportive learning environment that fosters intellectual growth.

Within a supportive environment, students work collaboratively and one-on-one with support staff to achieve academic success by:

  1. gaining an understanding of their learning behaviors;
  2. mastering learning strategies that can be applied to general knowledge acquisition or specific course work;
  3. connecting students with campus resources to assist them throughout their learning experiences at Warren Wilson College.

1.09.02 – Asheville Area Education Consortium

Degree-seeking students enrolled at Warren Wilson College may enroll for credit in courses offered at Mars Hill University and the University of North Carolina at Asheville through the Asheville Area Educational Consortium. Credit hours will be awarded by Warren Wilson College. Students interested in participating should contact the Registrar for approval and for registration information.

Participation guidelines:

  1. The consortium is open to full-time, degree-seeking students who have completed at least one semester at Warren Wilson College.
  2. Students may not normally cross-register for courses currently available at Warren Wilson College.
  3. Spaces in courses are made available to students who wish to cross-register only after all students at the host campus have registered. Permission of the instructor does not guarantee registration for a course.
  4. Warren Wilson College tuition will be charged.

1.09.03 – Career Development Center

The Career Development Center creates meaningful connections to the world of work, empowering Warren Wilson College students and alumni to explore and identify their diverse interests, values and passions. Programs and services intersect the Triad and support the development of skills, networks, and knowledge for career and professional development.

Through interactions with the programs, services, and staff of the Career Development Center, students develop the skills that enable them to

  1. Reflect on, discern, and articulate their gifts, interests, aptitudes, abilities, and values as well as the connections between the Triad
  2. Research and explore the range of opportunities for service, experiential learning, work, and/or education
  3. Link with various constituencies who provide opportunities to develop professional interests and competencies, integrate academic learning with work, and explore future career possibilities
  4. Practice and gain the greater mastery needed to pursue, obtain, and sustain opportunities

The services and resources provided include the following:

  1. one-on-one career advising,
  2. self-assessment tools,
  3. a resource center,
  4. assistance in writing resumes, cover letters, personal statements, and other professional correspondence,
  5. OWLink (, a robust, searchable database of employment, internship, educational, fellowship, and service opportunities, and
  6. connections with alumni and friends of the College through the Warren Wilson Career Network.

1.09.04 – English Language Learners Opportunities

The College supports international students in English Language Learners (ELL) tutoring and classes throughout the regular school year. Warren Wilson students interested in teaching English Language Learners also can become involved as teaching tutors or in the College’s English Language Learners classes and activities conducted during the regular academic year.

1.09.05 – Honors Programs

Honors programs are offered through the Biology, Chemistry, English, and Environmental Studies Departments. The objectives of these programs are to set high academic standards to which all students can aspire, to encourage students to pursue scholarly research, and to provide incentives and recognition for students of unusual ability and interest. Students who complete all requirements for graduation with Honors will have this distinction included on their transcripts.

For the Honors Program in Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Studies, see Honors Program Natural Sciences in section For the English Honors Program, see section

1.09.06 – International Programs Office: Study Abroad Opportunities

Warren Wilson College’s International Programs Office offers many options and highly encourages every qualified student to study abroad. Although international study is not required for graduation except in select majors, many students completing degrees at Warren Wilson College each year have taken advantage of our financially-supported study abroad opportunities to develop their awareness and understanding of cultural and international issues. International Program qualification is based on credit hours, residency, good standing, compliance with program rules and procedures, and participation in pre-departure class meetings and orientation sessions. Full-time, regular students with sophmore standing who have met residency and other conditions may take advantage of the program and begin formal application for the program in a prescribed manner.

The International Programs Office offers certain study abroad options and identifies specific sites as part of the program. These options and sites may change from year to year. Although all College study abroad program options are supported in part through College funding, application and program fees are also required in all cases. These fees vary depending on such variables as the distance of the international location, the time to be spent in the field, and the special needs of particular programs. Students who have transferred to Warren Wilson College should inquire about their status regarding funding and the associated fees for enrolling in the program.

Semester or Year Abroad: The College offers numerous education abroad and intercultural opportunities through partner institutions and collaborative partnerships. Through these connections, students may elect to spend a semester in Japan at Kansai Gaidai University; in South Korea at Hannam University; in Northern Ireland at the University of Ulster or the Queen’s University of Belfast; in China at Liaocheng University; in France at the Universite Catholique de l’Ouest; in Finland at Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences; in Germany at the Trier University-Birkenfeld Environmental Campus; in Mexico at the Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla; and in Spain, India, Argentina, Botswana, Costa Rica, Australia, and elsewhere through Warren Wilson College’s collaborative partnerships. Selection for placement in these programs may be competitive, and in some cases a certain level of foreign language competence is required. Full academic credit is available for work completed through exchanges and partnership institutions.

To participate in any of these programs, students must apply, meet all International Program requirements, and must have their proposed studies approved in advance by their academic advisors. For further details, contact the International Programs Office.

Short-term Courses: Several short-term, intercultural/international courses in various academic disciplines are offered each year. This option combines on-campus study with two to three weeks of group travel during the summer or winter break directly following the academic term. Students and instructors study on campus and then travel together for further experiential study and service in such places as Chile, Costa Rica, England, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Micronesia, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Nicaragua, or closer to home for a cross-cultural experience in the Florida Everglades, Alaska, or Mexico. Travel is not permitted without satisfactory performance in the on-campus study preceding departure.

Term-length courses are also periodically offered. Similar to short-term courses, term-length courses spend three to five weeks in the field following on-campus study, offering more depth in academic and cross-cultural immersion as well as service opportunities. Previous term-length courses have been offered in Guatemala, Mexico, Sri Lanka, India and Chile.

Other (external) program options: Students meeting International Program qualifications may choose to participate in another U.S.-accredited academic study abroad program administered by a different U.S. college or organization. Many excellent U.S. study abroad programs are offered in a wide range of disciplines and locations around the world. For example, several students have participated in programs offered through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) or the School for International Training (SIT), which have special relationships with Warren Wilson College. To receive College support for an external study abroad option, students must plan carefully in advance with their academic advisors and obtain approval from the Registrar and the International Programs Office by specified deadlines during the semester prior to their planned period of study. Details are available from the International Programs Office.

1.09.07 – The Writing Center

Located in the lower level of the library, the Writing Center strengthens the liberal arts at Warren Wilson through interdisciplinary tutoring and integration of the Triad. Offerings include the following:

  1. Laboratory-like setting where 25% of the student body come for peer support in composition and revision, and tutors develop workshops that reach each generation of first-year students
  2. Writing Fellows program that partners advanced undergraduates with faculty to strengthen writing instruction in the disciplines
  3. Publication of Auspex: Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research and Peal literary journal
  4. Partnerships with Steadfast House, Literacy Council, and other community partners to carry out community writing projects
  5. Intellectually challenging work environment for exceptional students, with opportunities for undergraduate research
  6. Credited courses, one for writers (WRI 105 Weekly Writing Sessions) and one for tutors (WRI 208 Theory and Practice in Tutoring Writing).

For more information about the Writing Center, visit the website: