Service Program – Mission Statement

The mission of the Warren Wilson College Service Program is to prepare students for effective community engagement.

The Service Program fulfills its mission by

  1. Providing opportunities for students to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experiences.
  2. Supporting students in the development of civic responsibility.
  3. Engaging in mutually beneficial community partnerships. – Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of participation in the Warren Wilson Service Program students develop the following:


  1. Explore and clarify interests, passions, skills, and values.

Understanding of complex issues

  1. Examine why a social/environmental issue exists and how service addresses it.

Collaboration for community impact

  1. Provide significant and substantial engagement with an issue and/or partner agency that involves initiative and communication.

Commitment to community engagement

  1. Demonstrate a sense of civic responsibility through intentional engagement in the community. – Points of Engagement and Growth (PEGs)

The mission of Warren Wilson College includes preparing students for service, leadership, and meaningful lifelong work and learning. As part of this Triad educational program, completion of a Community Engagement Commitment is one of the requirements for graduation. Students meet the Commitment by demonstrating learning in four different Points of Engagement and Growth (PEGs):

  1. PEG 1: Self-knowledge
  2. PEG 2: Understanding of complex issues
  3. PEG 3: Collaboration for community impact
  4. PEG 4: Commitment to community engagement

By graduation, students demonstrate a measurable level of learning in all four PEGs. Students’ progress is be supported by advisors and reviewed periodically to monitor successful progress. – Requirements for Graduation – Community Engagement Commitment

  1. PEG 1: Self-knowledge.
    1. Completion of at least 25 hours of direct service.
    2. Participate in a group reflection activity.
    3. Complete PEG 1 on-line survey
  2. PEG 2: Understanding of complex issues.
    1. Participate in a course, issue workshop, or weekly or break trip designated as a PEG 2 experience.
    2. Complete the four items listed below:
    1. Complete 25 hours of service in one issue area.
    2. Participate in a course/workshop/training related to this issue.
    3. Complete a PEG 2 reflection.
    4. Complete a PEG 2 online survey.
  3. PEG 3: Collaboration for community impact.
    1. Complete an academic capstone/research project or College-sponsored internship related to an issue and contributing to the community.
    2. Identify a PEG 3 experience of at least 50 hours and submit a proposal to the Service Program Office for approval.
    1. Create a contract with a community partner identifying the scope of the work.
    2. Submit a PEG 3 reflection which includes how learning was shared.
  4. PEG 4: Commitment to community engagement.
    1. Submit a senior service reflection on community engagement during time at Warren Wilson College and the intentions for future involvement in communities. – Student Recognition

Each year a graduating senior is awarded the Frederick Ohler Service Award for exceptional service to the community while a student at Warren Wilson. In addition, 8-10 seniors with outstanding records of service are honored at the Senior Service Awards ceremony on the Friday afternoon prior to May graduation. – Bonner Leadership Program

The Warren Wilson Bonner Leaders Work Crew program is supported in part through the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation, which provides funding, training and technical assistance to community service and service-learning scholarship and leadership programs at colleges and universities across the eastern United States. Twenty to twenty-five Warren Wilson students participate in the Bonner Leadership program, and their efforts are centralized through the College’s Service Program Office.