The Triad

As the only national liberal arts college with fully integrated work and service, the educational experience at Warren Wilson College is second to none. The College’s educational program, the Triad, consists of three interwoven strands of experience: liberal arts academic study, a campus-wide work program, and service learning. Grounded in principles of sustainability and guided by core values of diversity, community, and cross-cultural understanding, Warren Wilson’s work and service-based programs deepen each student’s engagement in academic learning and in personal growth and well-being.

The Triad: Academics
Strong Liberal Arts Curriculum, Practical Applications

Warren Wilson’s curriculum challenges students while creating a foundation for lifelong learning. The academic program teaches students to think critically, evaluate information effectively, and communicate clearly while providing opportunities to make connections between the classroom and hands-on experiences. The College’s liberal arts focus encourages students to explore various fields of study before choosing a major. The four-term calendar allows concentration in fewer subjects at one time, with smaller class sizes and ample opportunity for independent study, internships, and other field work.

The Triad: Work
Building Skills, Creating Community

The work program has been fundamental to the College since its founding in 1894. Students work 15 hours per week on one of over 100 work crews responsible for the daily functioning of the campus and essential operations of the College. Through the work program, students take ownership of their college community while developing respect for the value of work. The work program builds confidence while advancing skills in problem solving, organization, and communication. At work, students build specific skills that reinforce their classroom experiences and see academic theories come to life.

The Triad: Service
Passionate, Creative Community Engagement

Service has always been a core value of the College and a graduation requirement for nearly 50 years. Service integrates experiential, real-world activities into the College’s academic offerings and work crew experiences with projects that facilitate the development of problem solving and analytical skills. Students serve in the local community, across the country, or internationally as part of a study abroad experience. Through service, students engage in issue education through workshops, alternative fall/spring break service trips, and weekly projects integrated with first-year seminars.