Theatre (THR) Courses of Study

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Program Overview

The mission of the Theatre Department is to empower students to form and bring to life artistic visions in concert with their peers and to prepare students to lead lives distinguished by self-awareness, open communication, and making a difference. In the context of a well-rounded liberal arts education, students expand their intellectual, emotional, and practical capacities by learning a broad range of skills needed to create theatre and by investigating the purpose of theatre as a collaborative art form.

The goals of the Theatre Program are the following:

  1. To insure that students develop their ability to recognize and articulate the purpose, value, and effectiveness of their own and others’ artistic work.
  2. To develop in students the fundamental skills necessary to participate in the effective implementation of a theatrical vision, and to extend that development as far as possible while they are in the program.
  3. To foster in students an appreciation of the importance of a good collaborative process as they develop an ever-greater sense of personal responsibility for that process and for its artistic result.
  4. To provide theatrical contexts in which students may integrate their academic, service, work, and international experiences.

The Theatre Department actively involves students in the study and practice of theatre as a literary and performing art with roots in the past and innovative possibilities for the future. It offers a minor in Theatre as a focus for liberal arts studies, and, in conjunction with the English Department, it offers a major in Theatre/English as a focus for liberal arts studies.

Theatre students take courses spanning a range of plays, historical styles, and theatrical arts. They apply their classroom learning in productions and projects staged by the Warren Wilson Theatre, the department’s performance laboratory. Here, in collaboration with faculty and staff, they explore contemporary staging techniques as applied to texts from various periods and cultures, as well as contemporary dramatic and post-dramatic texts, musical comedy, original, and devised work.

Warren Wilson Theatre is open to participation by all students and members of the community and offers opportunities for educational, creative, and personal development. Warren Wilson Theatre aims to enrich the cultural life of the college and its neighboring communities by presenting theatre events that are artistically and intellectually stimulating.

Major in Theatre/English

(See Theatre/English under Programs of Study: English, section

Minor in Theatre

Grades: Students must pass courses with a grade of C- or better to count toward fulfillment of the minor.

Requirements: A minimum of 30 credit hours as follows:

  1. All of the following:
    1. ENG/THR 250 Introduction to Classical Theatre
    2. ENG/THR 251 Introduction to Modern Theatre
    3. ENG 336 Literature and Culture of the Renaissance
    4. ENG 344 Literature and Culture of the Restoration and Queen Anne Period
    5. THR 113 Technical Theatre
    6. 	OR
    7. THR 311 Stage Lighting and Sound Design
  2. Of the 30 credit hours required at least 8 credit hours from among the following:
    1. THR 244 Improvisation for the Actor
    2. THR 254 Modern Dance for the Actor
    3. THR 315 Historic Costume Design for the Theatre
  3. Of the 30 credit hours required at least 2 additional credit hours from among the following:
    1. THR 101-102 Performance/Production Practicum I
    2. THR 201-202 Performance/Production Practicum II
  4. At least one semester on the Theatre Crew.