Triad Education Program

Warren Wilson College is the only national liberal arts college with integrated work and service programs blended in a residential setting. The College is distinguished by a unique Triad of academics, work, and service that provides students with a rigorous liberal arts education, challenging work experience, and deliberate community engagement. Each area of this Triad is distinct, yet academics, work, and service interact intentionally to ensure that learning experiences cohere to a meaningful whole. Graduates of Warren Wilson College are self aware, and practice critical inquiry, effective communication, and civic engagement throughout their lives and within their communities.

Through the Triad Education Program at Warren Wilson College, students experience and develop four essential competencies:

Critical Inquiry: Warren Wilson College students deepen their understanding of complex issues by considering perspectives, analyzing arguments, and using resources to address issues, solve problems, and understand the contexts in which knowledge is generated.

Effective Communication: Warren Wilson College students participate in formal and informal dialogue that includes listening, oral, aesthetic, creative, and written forms.

Civic Engagement: Warren Wilson College students act upon a heightened sense of responsibility to their communities through direct service, participation in public life, civic sensitivity, and membership and leadership within the community.

Self-Awareness: Warren Wilson College students develop clear personal values, having engaged in realistic self-assessment, explored their own intentions, advocated on their own behalves, and begun the search for fulfilling lives of service, work, and learning.