. . . that would be . . . ME!

Come . . . take a stroll with me, if you DARE . . . and discover . . .

in Sharon's World

(I wish I had music to "Twilight Zone" here)

As intriguing as I'd like for you to believe I am (oh, who am I kidding...I am intriguing.) Born in the year of the Snake(do the math, people...1953...I am like my Chinese New Year persona...wise and intense, detesting bores(oh, I guess that's "BOARS"), I enjoy LIFE to its fullest!

I share UTOPIA with my wonderful husband, Rodney,and three beautiful children,, Wynee, Rodney Jr., and Erika, and three of the strangest pet cats, Scar, Jackie, and Powder.

Even though I am a "70's child," (see 1975 photo at right) with all of its sheer grooviness, I actually emerged from my mom's womb (naw, too early in scientific history to be a TEST TUBE baby), snapping my fingers to the sounds of The Chi-Lites, Motown's early hits; even at the tender age of 4, I truly "connected" with B.B. King, as I wailed (off key, of course), to one of my favorites "The Thrill is Gone,baby". Since then, my taste ranges from Luther Vandross to...well...Luther Vandross! (Lacking in variety, you say?? Perish the thought!)

I am an avid book reader, but concentrate heavily on the supernateral...Stephen King is #1; and some of my favorite T.V. shows include, X-Files ( "They Are Out There") and NYPD Blue"; however, on a serious side, I do enjoy perusing SHAKESPEARE and watching tasteful classics like "Gone With The Wind" ( I don't know nuthin' bout birthin' no babies, Miss Scarlett!")... Ahhh, yes, the classics!!

To keep myself in tip-top shape, I enjoy working out to "Sweatin' to the Oldies" with Richard Simmons----JUST KIDDING! I actually mow grounds me and gives me a sense of Peace...

I am also a loving aunt to my precious 3 year old nephew, Kyle...I fondly refer to him as "BOYBOY". He thinks the sun rises upon my very command...

Yep, that just about sums it up.

I will leave everyone with a small quip from one of my great "Sharon Philosophies of Life" from a "Woman's Companion:Simple Gifts, Abundant Treasures" by Beth M. Conny. "You are Both Your Creator and Your Masterpiece...Life may be short, but its moments are long"...

I pass this tidbit on to all of you...I live this now... a friend named Karen taught me.


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