The Story Behind: A Series of Campus Images


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Four-o-Clock on Friday

As the last, cold week of January draws to a close, it’s nice to jump into the Story Behind time machine and visit the end of a day last fall while green leaves and short sleeves were still abundant. Here are a few scenes from four-o-clock on a Friday in September to keep you warm until Spring!

Heavy Duty Crew

4:00 pm - The "Heavy Duty" crew jokes while mopping the floor of the Pavilion, getting ready for some weekend events.

Tree Care

4:10 pm - Andrew taking down a dying tree in Schafer Courtyard.

Brick Oven

4:13 pm - Ashley tending to the wood-fired brick oven getting ready for a weekend of pizza and bread at Sage Café.

Using a Hydrant Loading a Truck

4:18 pm - Getting a lesson on how to safely hook up a fire hose in order to fill the tanker truck to water the horses for the Fall Field Day. (And at 4:21 Getting water jugs for the two-legged animals for the Fall Field Day.)

Making a List

4:28 pm - Elisa finishing up on some research on a list of plants to be used for the landscape design at the new Village residence halls.

Web Crew

4:29 pm - Ashley and Laura working the keyboards, keeping the WWC website safe and sound.

Admission Crew

4:30 pm - Caitlin and Dalmu working in the admission office making sure we have students next year to cook the pizza, trim the trees, manage the web, plan the plantings, mop the floors, and water the horses.