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Grease Is the Word


Lunch at Warren Wilson College is a unique experience in itself. Your meal will include locally grown food, students will serve you, and the food left on your tray will be composted. And now, eating at WWC even helps the environment!

After cooking burgers made from Warren Wilson beef or vegetables, dining hall workers place the fryer oil into a large collection drum behind the Gladfelter Student Center. The oil is then picked up by Blue Ridge Biofuels, a local company that produces biodiesel, and turned into biodiesel that Warren Wilson buys for use in all diesel engines used on campus.

Recycling kitchen grease is another one of many ways Warren Wilson College is striving to be environmentally aware and locally minded. "We are attempting to close the loop by recycling our fryer oil and then buying it back in the form of biodiesel," says Jessica Wooten, supervisor of the Recycling Crew.

The food that gives energy to Wilsonites also powers the vehicles and equipment used to keep the campus vibrant!