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Three’s not a crowd for the Cooper triad

The Cooper Siblings

Siblings Josh, Moses and Raya Cooper of Manchester, Mich., have always had a close connection. After attending a Quaker boarding school together for high school, they all decided to come to Warren Wilson, partly because it has a wide variety of options for a range of interests. Each has found a unique niche here, as well as activities they all enjoy together.

Raya, a stunning young woman with dark brown hair, is a senior who has been in the WWC Chorale for seven semesters. She enjoys spending her time singing and riding her “star seeker,” a bicycle her brother Josh assembled for her. It has stellar flashing light-up wheels, making it a blast to ride at night. Her major is outdoor leadership, and her work crews are part-time hair cutting, part-time music library. How’s that for variety?

Moses, a handsome young man with light brown hair and an infectious smile, is a junior majoring in conservation biology. After graduating from Colorado Mountain College with an associate of arts degree in outdoor leadership, he says he came to Warren Wilson because of his siblings. He works in the auto shop mending campus vehicles and enjoys spending time on the mountain biking team and fly fishing. Moses has also considered becoming an exotic species breeder, particularly for geckos.

Josh, a stylish young gentleman with sleek black hair, is also a junior. His major is global studies, with an applied geospatial technology minor. He works part time on the bike shop crew and part time on geographic information systems (GIS) crew. Josh also enjoys competing on the mountain biking team and doing yoga. He jokes that it’s frustrating to be continually fixing his siblings’ bikes, as they always count on him to make their rides more elaborate.

The Cooper Siblings

Raya thinks it’s wonderful to have such supportive brothers at school with her, even if Josh and Moses tease that they won her at a carnival doing the hoop toss. “It was our seventh try, and we were so happy to have won a prized sister,” they joke.

All three Coopers can be spotted on campus by their mesmerizing jewelry. Their parents are glass-working artists who make dichroic jewelry, and the siblings wear these cosmic pendants everywhere they go.

Text and photos by Savannah Anderson ’11