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Under a spreading chestnut-tree...

guardrail What is the story behind the nice looking fellow working with the Warren Wilson Blacksmith Crew, while they proudly install some new handrails? The fellow is Dale Morse, an especially dedicated Warren Wilson Alumnus who graduated from the College in 1989. Dale started blacksmithing when he was nine years old. His family participated in the Living History in Williamsburg, Virginia and Dale volunteered for ten summers at Booker T. Washington National Monument before coming to Warren Wilson.


When he came, Dale brought his expertise and his love of blacksmithing with him and started a shop on campus. His shop ran until a couple of years after he graduated, but there just wasn't enough interest to keep blacksmithing going at that time. Then came Karen Rudolph '02, who opened the shop we have today as part of a final graduation requirement for her for Outdoor Leadership major. "She realized a dream that I had when I was here as a student," Dale explained. Dale hopes to expand the Warren Wilson shop on campus.

Though he has spent a great deal of time after graduation perfecting his craft in Europe, Dale currently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. There he operates a successful shop of his own and is married to Susan Holland '91, who went on to earn her master of counseling from UVA and now serves on the Community Service Board as a case manager.

This is Dale's third year of volunteering his time to give a weeklong intensive workshop to Warren Wilson students on the blacksmithing crew. The College and the Blacksmithing Crew is so appreciative for all he has done and continues to do.