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Making Study Abroad Sustainable

Student cares for goat

SWK 377: Eco-Social Lifeways in Costa Rica is just one of Warren Wilson's many study abroad courses that focus on environmental and sustainability issues. Led by WWC faculty, students have also explored sustainable agriculture in Chile and the United Kingdom, outdoor leadership and eco-tourism in New Zealand, biodiversity and species interaction in Belize and Costa Rica, renewable energy in Germany, and wildlife and forest management in Alaska. Whenever possible, study abroad courses make use of public transportation, whether trains in France, buses in Mexico or riverboats in China. Some courses also incorporate bike travel and low-impact camping. The International Programs Office works closely with local host country organizations and places an emphasis on using locally produced products and services. International Programs staff encourage all program participants to offset the carbon costs of their plane travel.

Students work on farmland

Students on semester abroad programs also have opportunities to explore ecology and sustainable living. While studying at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia this spring, senior Chas Biederman assisted in native marine grass rehabilitation. Our partnership with Birkenfeld Environmental Campus at Trier University of Applied Sciences in Germany allows students to focus on environmental planning and technology. Students have also recently participated in semester abroad programs with a focus on sustainability, environmental studies and conservation in Ecuador, New Zealand, Tanzania, Scotland, India, Australia, and Brazil.

Students study local sights

Warren Wilson College encourages every qualified student the opportunity to study off-campus as part of a cross-cultural educational experience. This off-campus experience is integral to the College's mission of academics, work and service within our global community. Students have studied in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, the south Pacific, and far corners of North America through the College's International Programs. Visit the International Programs Office website at to learn more.