The Story Behind: A Series of Campus Images


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The Village

Village Dorm

Classes have started and the campus is alive with people and music everywhere. Over 300 new faces on campus along with the 500 familiar ones. In no time at all, every face will seem familiar and I wont be as precise with guessing who is new and who isnít. Itís nice to have everyone back - especially since I have a great new place to host friends when they come to visit! Iím one of the lucky upperclass(wo)men who get to live in the new apartment-style dorms, the Village.

Village Dorm

The Village is made up of two large dorms that each hold about 40 students. They were made to offer a more independent living situation. Each suite consists of at least one double bedroom and two single rooms, a kitchenette (with a full refrigerator and stove!), a bathroom, and a common area. My suite has had a great time discovering all the cubbies and storage areas They especially love the shoe cubby by the door, itís convenient and it keeps our floors a little cleaner.

Village Dorm

Some of the best features of the dorm arenít as noticeable such as the use of recycled Warren Wilson wood, the incorporation of native plants for landscaping, highly efficient faucets and showers, passive solar heating due to the orientation of the dorms, and so much more.

So, if youíre on campus, be sure to visit the Village dorms, you can hike there from the pond!