Alumni Board Nominations

Nomination Deadline

January 1, 2016

Download the Alumni Board Nomination Form


1. Nominees should be alumni who have attended for a minimum of one semester and left in good standing or has graduated from Warren Wilson College or any of its predecessor institutions – Dorland-Bell School, Mossop, Asheville Farm School, Warren Wilson High School, Warren Wilson Junior College, and Warren Wilson College.

2. Nominees for the Alumni Board will be selected from diverse backgrounds, and class years.

3. Nominations are expected to illustrate that the nominees exhibit leadership qualities, support of Warren Wilson College, and embody the principles for which the College stands (the Triad of academics, work, and service as well as environmental responsibility, cross-cultural understanding, and the common good).

4. Nominees that are selected to the board are expected to attend all Alumni Board meetings (face-to-face and virtual) and special events such as Homecoming and Weekend@Wilson.

5. Nominees selected for the board will serve for three years. A member absent from or inactive for more than one meeting a year in a 3-year term may be considered inactive. The Executive Council, by unanimous vote, may declare the inactive member’s term to be “vacant.”

Standing Committees include Connectivity, Fundraising, Events, Nominating and Recognition

Expectations of Board Members: (Additional information can be found in the Constitution)

  • Foster among Alumni a spirit of fellowship and service
  • Assist with Alumni Giving and Special Initiatives
  • Donate to the WWC Fund in support of their Alma Mater
  • Interpret WWC to the Community in which they live and share the mission of WWC:“to provide a distinctive undergraduate and graduate liberal arts education. Our undergraduate education combines academics, work and service in a learning community committed to environmental responsibility, cross-cultural understanding, and the common good.”
  • Represent the College at student recruitment events as requested
  • Share Alumni Outcomes and Accolades with the Offices of Alumni Relations and Advancement

Nomination Process:

 1. A nomination packet including the Nomination Form may be emailed, or printed off and faxed/mailed to:

Alumni Relations, Office of Advancement
Warren Wilson College
PO Box 9000 CPO 6324
Asheville, NC 28815-9000
fax (828) 771-5850

2.  The Office of Advancement – Alumni Relations requests nominations through the Alumni E-newsletter and other appropriate means of electronic and written communications.

3.  At the given deadline, all nomination forms will be reviewed by the Director of Alumni Relations and the Director of Donor Research and Stewardship. Incomplete forms will be returned for completion.

4.  All nominees will be sent a Nominee Questionnaire and Resume/Vitae Request to be completed and returned to the Office of Advancement – Alumni Relations by the deadline given at time of request.

5.  All completed nomination materials will be compiled and sent to members of the Nominating and Recognitions Committee for review and selection.

6.  Nominating and Recognitions Committee will meet to review ratings and make final selections, in conjunction with members of the Executive Council and the Director of Alumni Relations as per the constitution and bylaws.

7. Selected nominees will be contacted by the president of the alumni board.

8. The names of all nominees selected to the Warren Wilson Alumni Board will be shared with the Alumni Association members, and voted upon at the Homecoming meeting.

9. Names of nominees who were not selected will remain under active consideration for a period of three years from the date of his/her nomination.