Environmental Commitments


Stan J. Cross
Environmental Leadership Center Interim Director

Stan Cross Address:
WWC CPO 6323
PO Box 9000
Asheville, NC 28815-9000

Phone: 828.771.3782

Email: scross@warren-wilson.edu

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Misty Valley

Warren Wilson College has been evolving its institutional practice of environmental citizenship since 1894. The natural integrity of the landscape and the mission-driven character of the Warren Wilson experience form a legacy that is revered and debated. The land itself - the 300-acre working farm, 700-acre managed forest, and riverine habitat - serves as a living laboratory for sustainable practices that derive from the College's comprehensive environmental commitments. Warren Wilson's academic curriculum, 15-hour per week work program for all students, and 100-hours community service requirement for graduation are tied to an overarching mission to educate for environmental responsibility.

This synthesis of the College's environmental commitments builds upon the study prepared in 2000 by Warren Wilson College's Process Steering Group for an Environmental Campus - Greening of Warren Wilson College: A Celebration of the Past, An Agenda for the Future. The following sections capture the College's formally approved environmental commitments to date and highlight its sustainability practices.