Points of Engagement & Growth (PEG) 1

SPO_ PEG_1Self Knowledge:
Explore and clarify interests, passions, skills and values.

Overview of PEG 1


Description of the Required Components for PEG 1

1) Complete 25 hours of direct community service.

2) Participate in a group reflection

  • Facilitated by Service Program Office (SPO) Staff during First Year Seminar class.
  • Students absent during the in-class reflection/transfers attend scheduled session.

3) Complete the  PEG 1 online survey after you’ve submitted your hours.

Deadline: By second semester of sophomore year. All components must be completed before registration for junior year.

Suggestions for Service Opportunities for PEG 1:

  • Service in classes.
  • Service with clubs or sports teams.
  • Service with residence hall groups.
  • Participation in one-time or weekly service activities advertised through SPO weekly student-l email and on the SPO website. See Issue Areas or Calendar.
  • Service with a non-profit agency at home or in another location over breaks.
  • Service on your own with a partner identified at Sign-Up-To-Serve, through the Agency Directory on the SPO website or through conversation with a member of the SPO Staff or Crew.