Reporting Options

Reporting Options on Campus

There are three reporting options on campus: Informal, Formal, and Anonymous. You can also decide to file a report off campus with the Buncombe County Police Department. You can choose not to file a report at all, or to file one later. Remember, that it is never too late to speak with someone about what you have experienced. Whenever you feel ready to talk about it, consider contacting CGR to help you process your emotions and what happened.  An Incident Report Form is provided HERE for anyone interested or required to report.

Procedures for Filing an Informal Report on Campus

To file an informal report, contact the CGR Director. This is a way to document your experiences and seek support in having some of your needs met such as exploring room changes, work crew changes, class changes, etc. without pursuing a formal report. In most situations, with this option, there would not be a formal investigation of the charges. Some people find that documenting their experiences is a validating process. Naming what has happened can be difficult, but it helps many people heal.

Procedures for Filing a Formal Report on Campus

To file a formal report, a student should meet with the Dean of Students. You can choose to do this by first contacting the CGR Director for support, or by going directly to the Dean of Students’ Office. This will be followed by filing a written incident report. There is no deadline for filing a formal report, but the accused must still be at the college in order for a report to go through the campus judicial process. However, CGR will take reports involving faculty, staff, campus guests, visitors and other ‘third party’ individuals and will work to respond to these reports too. Once the report has been filed with the Dean of Students, there will be an investigation and review process. To read more about this, see the Sexual Misconduct Policy section of the Student Handbook.

Procedures for Filing an Anonymous Report on Campus

To file an anonymous report, you can either call the RISE Project Direct (CGR Director) anonymously at x3799 or you can leave a written report in the Director’s mailbox, 6237. You can provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with.

Warren Wilson College Counseling Center

The college does offer confidential services through the Counseling Center.  For those students not wishing to make a report, but are seeking support and feeling the need to maintain control of the situation, the Counseling Center provides highly confidential counseling services where strict confidentiality is maintained. In fact, aside from situations that involve imminent danger to self or others, or abuse of children or dependent adults, counselors are bound by laws and ethical guidelines to maintain the privacy of all conversations not meeting the above exceptions.

REPORTING OPTIONS: At Warren Wilson College there are many offices/people you can report to – if you feel you did not receive proper support or attention when you reported, we encourage you to report to another person/office – or call one of the national agencies that hold colleges accountable.