Home Directories

Attention: Home Directories are being phased out in favor of

googledriveimageGoogle Drive

If you have a user account at Warren Wilson College, you have a 4Gb home directory that can be accessed from any computer on campus. It holds a directory called public_html in which you can store your personal web pages. The rest of the directory is yours to fill as you choose. Your home directory can be accessed from the campus network by following the steps below.

Windows 7 +

  1. Click on the Start menu and select “Computer.”
  2. Click on “Map network drive” which will open a new window.
  3. Select the drive letter you wish to use. We use M in the labs, but you can choose a different one if you wish.
  4. By “Folder” enter \\raptor\homes in the box.
  5. If you want to make this connection every time select “Reconnect at login.”
  6. Click on “Finish.”
  7. A Windows Security window will open, and here you enter your logon ID and your password.

Windows XP

  1. Right click on My Computer (in your Start Panel or on your desktop) and select Map Network Drive.
  2. In the labs we use drive M:, and you can too (it is an arbitrary choice).
  3. For the path enter \\raptor\homes and be sure to check the box for Reconnect at Logon.
  4. Enter your user name and password when prompted.
  5. Every time your computer starts, you will need to manually log on to your network drive. Go to My Computer, double-click homes on Raptor (M:), and enter your user name and password.
  6. If an error message appears at the bottom-right of your screen at startup saying that a network device could not be connected, don’t worry. This just means that you need to log on to your network drive to use it.

Macintosh OS X

  1. In the Finder, go to the Go menu and select Connect to Server.
  2. Type smb://raptor/homes in the box.
  3. A dialog box asking for your username and password will appear.
  4. Enter your WWC user name and password.
  5. A window will appear showing the contents of your home directory.