Check In and Check Out

Residence Halls open for new students the first scheduled day of orientation. If you need to arrive before the first day of orientation (airplane flights, traveling alone, etc.) you must receive special permission from the Housing Office prior to your arrival date. Dates students may begin to check-in for each semester and after breaks are listed below. Each time you move into a room, whether that be at the beginning of each semester, or anytime you change rooms, you must check-in with a Residence Life staff member and complete the appropriate paperwork. The check-in process includes, completion of an Emergency Information Form, a Room Inventory and Condition Form, and signing for your room key(s).

Dates for 2014-2015

Residence Halls Open for Fall Semester 2014

  •     New First-Year Students – 8:00am on Tuesday, August 19
  •     New Transfer Students – 8:00am on Wednesday, August 20
  •     Continuing Students – 1:00pm Saturday, August 23 (Meal plan begins 5pm on Sunday, August 24)

Residence Halls Close for Fall Break 2014

  •     1:00pm Saturday, October 18
  •     Re-open 1:00pm Sunday, October 26

Residence Halls Close for Winter Break 2014

  •     1:00pm Saturday, December 20

Residence Halls Open for Spring Semester 2015

  •     New Students – 8:00am Thursday, January 15
  •     Continuing Students – 1:00pm Sunday, January 18 (Meal plan begins 5pm on Sunday, January 18)

Residence Halls Close for Spring Break 2015

  •     1:00pm Saturday, March 14
  •     Re-open 1:00pm Sunday, March 22

Residence Halls Close for Summer Break (End of Spring Semester 2015)

  •     4:00pm Saturday, May 16 for non-graduates
  •     1:00pm Sunday, May 17 for graduates


At the end of the academic year and each time you change rooms, you must check-out of your room. To avoid charges you must:

  1.     Schedule a check out time with a Residence Life Staff member.
  2.     Remove all personal belongings and trash including lofts and non-college furniture
  3.     Return all College room furniture to the room, correctly assembled and arranged. Check with your RD for specifics.
  4.     Thoroughly clean your room. Sweep or vacuum, mop and wipe furniture.
  5.     Dispose of trash and recyclables in designated places.
  6.     Have your room inspected by a Residence Life staff member and return your key as directed.
  7.     Leave by check-out time.

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Summer Storage