Day Students

Warren Wilson is deliberately a residential community. It is desired that most students live on campus throughout their enrollment allowing them to be fully engaged in the life of the college including participation in the work program. Those students who do wish to live off campus should submit an application for day student status available in the Housing Office. Applications for the spring semester must be received by November 15 and applications for the fall should be submitted by April 15. Those applications will be reviewed by a committee with representatives from student life and the work program and will be approved based on residence hall capacity, giving preference to seniors and juniors with consideration of work program needs and aspects of the residential community. Student teachers and full-time interns are automatically approved for day student status if they seek it. There is a day student fee of $1000 per year. Day student status for first year students will be approved only when one of the following is true for the student:

  1.     Living with parents
  2.     Living with spouse or domestic partner
  3.     Living with dependent child
  4.     Financially independent as determined by the IRS

Students wishing to move off campus during a semester must submit an application for a change in housing status available in the housing office. It will be reviewed by a group including the Dean of Students and the Dean of Work and will be approved in cases where reasonable cause has been determined. There is a charge of $100 to change status during the semester.