Housing Assignments

New students are assigned to rooms based on available space and the information submitted on their Student Housing Questionnaire. Interest and lifestyles information is also used to match roommates. While every effort is made to honor preferences, no guarantees can be made. Continuing students have the option of staying in their room for the next year, or entering the room lottery to select a new room. Those who wish to stay in their current rooms have first preference; class seniority is then followed in selecting rooms.

Single Rooms
Single rooms, other than those designated as permanent singles, cannot be guaranteed until all students (continuing, new, and readmitted) are assigned housing. Students with documented medical needs that substantially limit a major life activity have first priority. Single rooms are then assigned on seniority, based on the total number of credit hours earned as determined by the college registrar. Contact the Housing Office for specific requirements and eligibility for a single room. There is an additional cost of $775 per semester for each single room.

Room Change

Room changes will not be permitted during the first or last two weeks of classes each semester. This allows the housing staff to identify empty spaces and stabilize occupancy records. After this time, you must obtain written authorization from the housing office and your Residence Hall Director before changing rooms. CHANGING ROOMS WITHOUT AN APPROVED, SIGNED ROOM CHANGE FORM IS NOT PERMITTED, AND COULD RESULT IN CONDUCT ACTION AND A FINE. Note: First year students will not be permitted to move into independent living residence halls such as Schafer or The Village. Room changes for first year students in Sunderland and/or Vining will only be approved in extreme cases.

During the academic year:
If you wish to change rooms during a semester, you should first discuss your situation with your RD or RA. If there is a roommate situation, they might be able to help you and your roommate figure out how you can continue to live together. If, after this discussion, you still want to move, contact the Housing Office who will tell you the options that are available and give you a room change form.

Between fall and spring semesters:
Students may request to move to a different room for the spring semester following the preregistration period in the fall. Seniority (# of credits earned) is the guiding principle. Details will be posted on all-l and in your hall. If you request a move, you must follow the listed checkout and check-in policies and your move must be completed before you leave for break.

Between academic years:
If you wish to live in the same room for another year you ordinarily may do so. In some cases housing designations for an area may be changed and it may not be possible for a student to keep the same room. In those cases the student will be offered a comparable alternative. If you wish to move, you can take part in the housing lottery. Seniority (# of credits earned) is the guiding principle. Roommate pairs have preference over students without roommates.

Special situations:
In some circumstances a student’s room choice must be changed. If enrollment dictates or repairs require that part of a residence hall be changed or closed, you may be assigned a new room. If you did not sign up with a roommate or your roommate decides not to attend WWC, the Housing Office may assign you to a new room. If you find yourself without a roommate during the semester (and moving was not in relation to misconduct in the room), you will have the following options:

  • If space is available, you can request to keep the current room as a single for the remainder of the semester by paying the single room charge. The charge is pro-rated from the week your roommate moves out.
  • You may find someone else to move in with, or to have move in with you, who is also in need of a roommate. The Housing Office keeps a list of people in need of a roommate.

If you do not choose either of these options by the announced deadline, the Housing Office will assign a new roommate for you. If someone is assigned to your room, you may not refuse to permit that person to move in, if you do, you may be charged the single room fee.