Room Selection Information

All students can check the “My Address” section on Campus Web for their room assignment.


Admitted Incoming Students:  Once you deposit, you will be sent an email with your Campus Web login information. You will need to sign into you Campus Web account and follow the instructions to answer questions related to your preferences for housing.

Current Students: Each spring, students who intend to continue their studies at Warren Wilson for the following year are given the chance to reclaim their current rooms or they can enter our Room Lottery to select a new one.. Then talk to your roommate. Don’t assume that they already know your plans. They may have plans that conflict with yours!

Studing Abroad or Currently on Leave of Absence: You can either have a friend pull you into their room by listing you as their preferred roommate on their housing forms and then please follow up with an email to with confirmation that you’d like to live with them. If you don’t have someone to pull you in just email with your preferences.


I. Housing intent Information

Every current residential student will need to fill out an online HOUSING INTENT FORM. This was emailed to you from your current RD. This is where you will indicate if you plan to reclaim, plan to enter the lottery, or if you will not be needing housing for the fall.

II. Reclaim Information

  • Reclaiming a single room– you can only reclaim a single room if you already live there and only if it is designated as a single. In order to do this you must fill out the online Housing Intent form . These rooms are only found in Stephenson (1), Sage (1) and Dorland(4). You can not reclaim a single room that was bought out or given for medical reasons during the spring semester in any other dorms. You can only reclaim a single in Village if you meet the requirements to reclaim the suite (listed below). If you have a question as to whether or not you are in a designated single feel free to email
  •  Reclaiming a double room– you must select and list a roommate for next year on your online Housing Intent Form. Otherwise you lose the ability to reclaim your current room. You can reclaim as a back up, if you want do reclaim and still participate in Room Selection.
  •  Reclaiming a suite:  in order to reclaim a suite, half of the current residents must be returning to the suite for the fall and you must fill any open beds within the suite. The forms are made available in the spring.

III. Application for a Suite if seeking to move into Schafer or Village suites
The combined lottery number of the students applying for a suite will be taken into account as suites open up. Applicants will be notified prior to room selection if they have or have not had their request accepted.

IV. Room Selection (“Lottery”) Information

The Room Lottery will occur in the spring. If you wish to participate please attend at that time that corresponds with your lottery number. Lottery numbers will be distributed via email in early April. Once you’ve been given your lottery number, you will be notified of approximate arrival time in order to reduce your wait. At that time you will select a room for next semester from the available spaces. Current class standings, not projected ones,will be utilized to determine priority of lottery numbers. You and your roommate should come to the Room Lottery during the earlier of your two times and select your room for the fall together at that time. If you are unable identify a roommate you’ll be able to select any remaining rooms at the end of the night around 9:30pm and then you’ll be assigned a random roommate over the summer.

V. Private rooms

All private rooms, including those granted for documented medically-related reasons, will be an additional $775 per semester for the 2014 school year. Students who have been approved for medical reasons will have the first choice of these rooms, which will be guaranteed as private rooms.

  1.  Requesting a Medical Single: Applications to request medical singles need to be renewed each spring for the upcoming fall semester. Please print the Medical Single request form below and have your medical practitioner complete it and return it to Deb Braden, in Dodge House. Medical singles will still be charged the single room rate in most cases, some exceptions may be considered. Medical singles are not guaranteed but those who submit the request form with medical rational will receive priority.  Medical Accommodations paperwork can be found by clicking this link Medical Single Request.
  2. Requesting a non-medical private room: Students who want to be considered for a (non-medical) single room should first select a roommate for next year, then notify Housing that they wish to be placed on the single room waiting list. Once all students for the fall are placed, those on the wait list will be offered any remaining single rooms. Reminder- most single rooms are in Village suites so if you want a higher chance of getting a single room sign up with a suite.

Other notes…

  •  If you are not reclaiming your present room you must attend the lottery unless you are moving in with someone reclaiming.  If you do not attend room selection your current room will be forfeited and you will be assigned an available room.
  • Some buildings have special designations. Korevec and Village B are designated quite buildings and Wellness is a substance free building. Residents who choose to live in these halls must abide by the tenants of these buildings or risk being asked to move.
  • You may not sign up with a roommate who will be gone on a semester-long trip for the fall.