Advice from Students


Be Yourself

  •     Don’t do what others are doing just because others are doing it.
  •     Discover and do your favorite things…but don’t forget to study.
  •     Follow your dreams.
  •     People here respect people who stand up for their beliefs.

Ask for Help

  •     Ask questions, even if they seem silly; that’s how you learn.
  •     Don’t be afraid to talk to upper class students-they want to hear from you!
  •     Ask your peer group leaders and returning students how things are done.
  •     Talk to staff and faculty; they’re always here to help!
  •     Our librarians are personable search engines and the couches are great!

Green the Campus

  •     Recycle & use both sides of paper.
  •     Walk or ride your bike.
  •     Conserve water & electricity.
  •     Get school supplies, clothes and much more from the Free Store.
  •     Don’t walk on newly planted grass or in landscaping beds.
  •     Use the bus. It saves you money and you can have great conversations with other people who are riding.

Juggling Everything

  •     Have fun and study; learn from Academic Support Services-time management is key!
  •     The Writing Center is a lifesaver, use it!
  •     Try to trade textbooks with friends before using the Campus Bookstore.
  •     Don’t take 18 credits first semester; it takes time to adjust to The Triad.
  •     Read – use the Library and remember not to limit your thoughts to those presented in the classroom.

Find Balance

  •     Simplify your life.
  •     Unleash your mind.
  •     Limit your commitments.
  •     Make time for spirituality and yourself.
  •     Take time to think, reflect, and relax.
  •     Be prepared to do a lot of growing up…quickly.

Work Hard

  •     Your work crew is a real job, take it seriously.
  •     Volunteer on crews to learn more and get a leg up on crew choice.
  •     Respect your supervisors; they become like family.
  •     Whatever your task is, do it like you mean it. You are part of making this community a community.

Create a Home

  •     Your residence hall is where you live, take care of it!
  •     Minimize the amount of stuff you own.
  •     Furnish your room with indoor plants; it makes a big difference!
  •     Don’t let your door slam.
  •     Remember that RAs and RDs are here to help you.
  •     Plan to share things with your roommate to maximize space (phone, stapler, etc.)
  •     Communicate with your roommate; share concerns as they happen.
  •     Compromise is the key to successful community living.


  •     Read the Mountain Xpress newspaper; you’ll find great stuff to do and it’s free!
  •     Support local businesses, bookstores, coffee houses, galleries
  •     Walk around Asheville to learn the streets and find your favorite places.
  •     Go outside
  •     Hike ALL the trails.
  •     Swing on the swing; swim in the pond.
  •     Visit the farm and garden.

Get Involved

  •     Join clubs and organizations.
  •     Read flyers and bulletin boards.
  •     Attend Student Caucus; make your voice heard!
  •     Dance!
  •     Visit Sage Café; great coffee, music, and goodies.
  •     Pay attention to & participate in events beyond WWC.
  •     Get involved in Service asap; the crew will help you find your niche
  •     Stay informed ; use your WWC email account.
  •     Do what you love but remember to get some sleep.
  •     Say “Howdy” to everyone on campus.
  •     Learn people’s names—meet one new person every day.

Don’t Forget

  •     Everyone sometimes has doubts about being in school.
  •     Realize that college is a privilege.
  •     Think for yourself.
  •     Speak from your heart Live with passion.
  •     Create community around you; don’t expect it to come find you.
  •     WWC isn’t camp or an alternative to college; IT IS COLLEGE.
  •     Give family/friends your campus address; packages are lifesavers.
  •     You’re on your own now. Be careful, be responsible.