Orientation Schedules and Information


First-Year students arrive on Tuesday, August 18th. The very first step is reporting to Bryson Gym (see campus map) for Check-In from 8:00am to 11:30am. From there, you’ll be very busy all the way through Saturday, getting the information needed to start classes, work, and service at Warren Wilson College.

Transfer students arrive on Wednesday, August 19th.  The very first step is reporting to Bryson Gym (see campus map) for Check-In from 9:00am to 11:30am. From there, you’ll be very busy all the way through Saturday, getting the information needed to start classes, work, and service at Warren Wilson College.


When should I plan to arrive?

FALL ORIENTATION: Orientation for new incoming fall semester students begins each year during the third week of August. Students can arrive when residence halls open.
SPRING ORIENTATION: Orientation for new incoming spring semester students begins the second full week of January. Students can arrive when residence halls open.

Are you a transfer student or a first year student?

This is an important question because the date you arrive for fall or spring orientation depends on whether you’re a transfer or first year student. Check the orientation schedules, your email or CampusWEB or the Academic Calendar often for specific arrival dates.

Where can my family and I stay before Orientation begins?

The following motels and campgrounds are off I-40 at Exit 55, within three miles of campus. You can also find other lodging options within the Asheville area, including where to stay, where to eat, and what to do, by visiting Explore Asheville or Join Us for a Visit on the WWC website.

Days Inn (828) 298-4000
Quality Inn (828) 298-5519
Holiday Inn (828) 298-5611

Asheville East KOA Campground (828) 686-3121
Mama Gerties Hideaway (828) 686-4258

Can someone pick me up at the Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)?

A shuttle service is provided for incoming students from the AVL airport. There is a fee for the shuttle so you will need to reserve a space in order to board it. Unfortunately there is no shuttle service from the Charlotte and Greenville airports and/or bus or train stations. To learn more about the AVL shuttle service, visit the Transportation Services page of the WWC website. If you experience difficulties related to the shuttle arrival times, please email shuttle@warren-wilson.edu.

I am driving to campus with family/friends. How do I get there and where do I go once I’m there?

Directions to campus can be found on our Directions to Campus page of our website. The Orientation Schedules will identify locations for each event. Visit the Campus Map to find out where events are located. There will be plenty of signage and people to help guide you to where you need to go once you get here.

How much stuff do most students bring with them?

Residence Hall rooms are small, shared spaces and storage is very limited. So….
Keep it simple, pack light—you have to take it home!
(Besides, the College ethos is to underplay possessions.)

Only heavy duty fusible multi-outlet strips (look for the U/L symbol) are permitted. While refrigerators up to 5 cubic feet are allowed, we strongly discourage them because of their high energy use.

Remember, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle is our goal so it is best not to purchase items in the first place if you don’t need to.  WWC manages a lot of waste annually at our Campus Recycling Center. Please help us reduce waste by limiting what you bring.  As a guideline, buy things that are durable–that will last a long time.  Avoid disposable items. An example would be to purchase rechargeable batteries and a charger rather than disposable batteries.  Doing so will save you money in the long run and reduce campus waste. Also, extra packaging is wasteful so avoid buying items with excessive, non-recyclable packaging such as plastic and Styrofoam. Packaging is a significant part of the campus’s waste stream so be hip: buy the more environmentally responsible option whether it’s a toothbrush made from recycled materials, laundry soap that is phosphate free and biodegradable, or 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

What about pets?

Cats and dogs are not permitted inside any residence hall at any time. Resident students may not maintain a prohibited pet anywhere on campus including vehicles or tents. Dogs may not be tethered on residence hall porches or decks. Fish and small caged animals including hamsters, gerbils, domesticated mice and rats, guinea pigs, lizards, non-venomous snakes and spiders, and non-snapping turtles (no rabbits, ferrets or birds) are permitted with a written contract including the signature of the roommate. The contract must be filed with the residence hall director (RD).

One small tank or cage is permitted per person. Tanks and cages must be kept clean and provide enough living space for the animal(s) they house, but be no larger than a 10 gallon size or 3 ft. X 2 ft. X 2 ft. Abandonment, neglect, or mistreatment of any pet by any member of the community will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action. No pet is allowed to become a nuisance to the community. A nuisance is defined as, but not limited to, excessive noise, malodorous, causing physical harm to humans or other animals, and/or destruction of property. Pets are never allowed in any common areas and must be caged or under direct control at all times.

To learn more about Housing policies, please visit chapter five of the Student Handbook.

About Orientation

Is Orientation required for all new students?

Yes it is! This is an exciting time for you to meet other students, but most importantly to learn about the Warren Wilson College culture, academic programs, and work and service commitments. Like any other cross-cultural experience, it is best to engage in an orientation before jumping into the new lifestyle—learn the cultural taboos, language, food, work ethic and general belief systems before becoming a part of your new community.

Are there any orientation meetings for my family?

Yes there are! The first day of Orientation provides an opportunity for parents or family members to become more familiar with the Warren Wilson community. Families will learn more about life at WWC, the services available to you as a student, and what to expect once you have left home. Additionally, they will be able to meet with College administrators, faculty, staff and other parents to ask questions about financial aid, housing, academic requirements, the work program, health and safety and other concerns. At the end of the day, your family will say goodbye and return home as you become busy with other Orientation activities. A special section of the website is dedicated to Parents and Families of Students.