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Webmasters Page from 1997

Since the site went online in 1995, there have been many authors and caretakers whose hands have shaped the college’s online presence. Here are a list of Webmasters—student and staff alike—who have left the largest impression on Warren Wilson’s website.

Morgan Davis

Morgan Davis

Morgan as a student in 2001 outside Bannerman.

Morgan started at Warren Wilson designing a website for Professor Jeanne Sommer as a freshman (1999). He was a Web Crew member from '99 until he graduated in '02--staying over breaks and summers in order to slowly overhaul the Wilson website with Joel, Sloan, and James.

Morgan was hired as the college's first Web Director in the summer of 2004. Since then, he’s introduced several campus-wide web applications for content management and completely redesigned the site.

Sloan Poe

Sloan Poe

Sloan on Spring Break in 1999.

Sloan Poe served diligently on the Web Crew for 2 years. During that time he developed several web applications that the college uses on a day to day basis including the online facebook and the college’s first dynamic content management. Sloan also learned a lot about system administration and helped with managing the school’s various servers. He graduated in May of 2003 and went on to work with a software company as a developer.

Sloan returned to the college in the summer of 2007 as the Network Systems Administrator—a job he held briefly as a student during the time after Lee left and before Joel arrived.

Richard Blomgren

Richard was the Dean of Admission and Marketing from February of 1996 until 2013, when he moved into the role of Vice President for Advancement until July, 2014. Richard consulted with the Web Director and Marketing Group to orchestrate the website’s overall strategy and design. He also supervised the Director of Media Relations and the Communications Director in crafting content for the site. Although he might not admit it, Richard is quite a keen computer person himself, and it was his contribution more than any other that shaped the WWC website during the internet's most formative early years.

Joel Campbell

Joel Campbell Web Crew Reunion

Joel around 2001 and the reunion of the '01-'02 Web Crew in 2007 (from left: Morgan, Joel, Sloan, and James).

Joel was the Network Systems Administrator from the summer of 2000 to the summer of 2007. He acted as Webmaster and Web Crew supervisor for the first four years of that time. Joel oversaw computerization of many areas of campus including the Physical Plant, four new labs, and the introduction of wireless. He more than doubled the number of servers to cover the ever-expanding network services. This included the college’s first firewall. His work expanding the college’s network allowed for the permanent retirement of the college’s modem bank. He now works with Automated Trading Desk in Charlseton, SC. He occasionally does something with his website here: http://www.joelcampbell.com/.

Web Crew

The 2002-2003 Web Crew. From left: Murugan Vinayagam, Joel Campbell, Heather Gluszek, and James Beidler (Sloan Poe is missing).

James Beidler

James Beidler James Beidler

James in highschool and in the lab about 2001.

James started in the Computing Services crew in 2000 and graduated to the Web Crew after a short time. He spent most of his time at Wilson on the crew until his graduation in 2004. He created a PHP work order system, converted the online facebook from perl to PHP and added image caching, argued with Richard, and stayed up late drinking Cheerwine and breaking servers. James also helped plan the Web Director position and the creation of the Network Services crew as distinct from the Web Crew. James is now working with a company contracted to the EPA to do advanced atmospheric modeling.

Lee Sudduth

Lee Sudduth Lee Sudduth

Lee sometime in the Stone Age standing with Math folks in front of Spidel, then Lee working at a server in Spidel about '98 or '99.

Lee Sudduth graduated from WWC in 1996 as an English major after four years working on the Computing Services Crew helping put Wilson on the internet. He worked briefly for a computer company in town before returning to take the position of Network Systems Administrator after Bob’s departure (here's the job opening he applied for in '97). Lee oversaw the networking of the campus. Bannerman lecture hall was turned into the Bannerman Technology Center and the servers were moved out of their closet in Spidel and into the Bannerman server room. (For a snapshot of the college's technology at this time, have a look at this archived page.) In 1999, Lee supervised the hiring of the college's first Computing Services Manager, David Harper. Lee moved on to work for Cisco in the Spring of 2000.

COS Crew

The 1998-1999 Computing Services Crew (which contained the Web Crew?). Left Front to Right Front: Jesse Hagberg, Jade Brennan, Gwyneth Jordan, Andy Love, Kathryn Bradley, Dawn Hurley, Lee Sudduth, Wolf Sable, Sky Stephens, Ronald Sebilo-Tibbits, Duncan Trussell (Mark Demma and Dane Summers are missing).

Mark Demma

Mark Demma Mark Demma

Mark working on his personal page in about '97 or '98 (I bet that's Debian running WindowMaker or Enlightenment there...), and his senior yearbook photo.

Mark started working on the web pages part time in January of 1997 as the student “web slave” after Amy left. During his five semesters working on web page development he contributed a significant portion of the content and design elements that made up the WWC site. Since his graduation with a Human Studies Major in May 1999, he has gone on to an exciting career as a Senior Network and Systems Administrator in California where he managed to survive the dot-com boom and bust. Mark has a website here: http://www.demma.net/.

Bob Robinson

Bob was the System Administrator and technical advisor to the Warren Wilson Web Crew from '96 to '97. He moved on to become the Network Administrator in the hospital in his home town.

Amy Wyman

Amy was a mathematics major at Warren Wilson College, and she moved on to start a career in the computer field. She was a member of the Computing Services Crew since her third year and was also the crew leader—one of the first students to work on the website. She went on to manage geeks at Mindspring in Atlanta, GA.

Michael Diehn

Michael Diehn

Mike's senior yearbook photo.

Michael Diehn was the founding webmaster at Warren Wilson College. He lead the Computing Services Department from 1995 to 1996 after his graduation from the college in the spring of 95. Mike has worked as a Network Engineer, Network Architect, Security Manager and IT Manager since leaving WWC. Mike and his family live in New Hampshire where Mike works as a software tester for Microsoft in the MapPoint business unit. The Diehn family homepage can be found at http://www.diehn.net/.