One really awesome resource we have here at ODP is GEAR RENTAL!

Whether you need something for an ODP led trip, a class trip or you are trying to get out into our beautiful mountains and rivers on your own we have gear to rent. The cost is a very minimal giving you no excuse not to be out there!

Stop by and we will hook you up.

Again we are located in Bryson Gym, in the balcony room upstairs.

There will usually be a crew member there between 9:30am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4pm and if you are lucky we may be here at other times.

Gear available from Outdoor Programs

* Sleeping bags

* Sleeping pads

* Backpacks

* Various assortments of clothes

* Tents

* Maps/Guide Books

Checkout Policy

All of our gear is available to check out for a small fee!

When you check out gear we will sign it out under your name and ID #

We will agree on a date to have the gear returned. We usually ask for gear back by the following Monday and certainly no later than Tuesday of the following week. We aren't stingy gear monsters we just want the gear to be available to other students for their adventures!

If the gear is returned late you will accrue small daily fees untill the item is returned:

Please take care of the gear so more students get the opportunity to use it!

Also, if the gear is damaged or lost you will be charged the cost to fix or replace it.