Bruce Hills - Director of Outdoor Programs

Working with groups as an outdoor leader and experiential educator has been a passion for Bruce since 1983.  Prior to settling in Asheville he traveled extensively and has a significant amount of international work experience which includes some of the following highlights:  leading rafting expeditions in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Africa, Turkey and Nepal, working for various Outward Bound Schools in the US and New Zealand, leading treks in Nepal and working on sail boats in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.  Bruce has a masters degree in Outdoor Recreation Management and is married to his lovely wife Susan, and has a wonderful daughter Lucie.


 Sarah Broyles - Crew

Major: Outdoor Leadership! Hometown: Houston, Texas
Dream Trip: To spend at least 4 months traveling all around South America, meeting new people, getting outdoorsy, taking pictures, and having an incredible adventure.
Outdoor activities you enjoy: I mostly enjoy Rock Climbing and Backpacking/Camping, but I’m trying out new things and hope to get into Paddling more.
Favorite thing about being on ODP: Taking awesome shots of everyone experiencing the outdoors and getting people to push their envelope!
Favorite local outdoor spot? Sleeping on top of Tablerock and watching the sunrise!

Lilly Hacker - Crew

Robbie Leeson - Crew

Erica Oliver - Crew


 Ethan Smalley - Crew

Major: ODL
Interests: Climbing, MT Biking
Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Favorite Movie/Book/etc: The Five People you Meet in Heaven, and Good Omens (both are books)
Favorite Dish: Pizza
Favorite Local outdoor spot: RUMBLING BALD

Eli Walker - Crew

Major: Outdoor Leadership
Interests: Backpacking, Ultimate Frisbee, Snowboarding, Canoeing, Working with kids, Making and eating good food (especially in the back country)
Hometown: Topsham, ME
Favorite Movie/Book/etc: Oh the Places You'll Go by Doctor Seuss. Boondock Saints.
Favorite Dish: It changes frequently, but right now it's slow-cooked rabbit with mushroom gravy on top of a pile of rosemary/garlic mashed potatoes. then throw some kale chips on top. sooooo good!
Favorite Local outdoor spot: Super local: Just about any place close enough to a summit to be able to get up early and watch the sun rise.

Jackson Grimm - Crew

 Major: Outdoor Leadership
Interests: guitar, soccer, mountain biking, climbing
Hometown: Columbus, INFavorite Movie/Book/etc: the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan
Favorite Dish: Mom's Enchiladas
Favorite Local outdoor spot: Panthertown