Course Description  EDU 116/117 – 2 credits

The framework for this course is to explore the learning terrain; how we think and as a result, learn through the various channels in which we absorb information. Who are you as a learner? What learning strategies and skills have you developed in order to learn well? Do the strategies and skills work for you? How do we readjust learning to fit a particular need, experience, or expectation? What processes do we use to derive meaning from information? How can we improve upon these processes?

Each student is assigned to one instructor who works individually with the student to define and address areas of need or interest that will enhance the college academic experience. Topics covered within this course might include goal setting and prioritizing, time management, focus strategies, memory and studying skills, reading and note-taking techniques, exam preparation, defining an academic major, and course scheduling support. Students are evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

Course Enrollment

This course is taught by instructors within Academic Support. Students enrolled in each course section meet with the instructors at the end of the first week of semester classes after the add/drop period is over. It is during the first meeting together that individual, half hour sessions are established based on student and instructor schedules. Students are notified by email at the start of the first week of class as to when the first session will occur.