Peer Group Leaders serve as positive, public role models and guides whose job is to assist new students in the process of making a successful transition to the community and culture of Warren Wilson College. It is important that Peer Group Leaders have a healthy sense of personal identity, that they are accepting of diversity, able to listen carefully, hold high personal and academic standards, and are comfortable responding to students and situations in ways that are in keeping with college policies, understanding that some personal choices are limited because of the expectations of the position and the importance of being a positive role model and community member.


  1. Participate in Peer Group Leader Training - Beginning Sunday, during second week of August This is a full-time commitment for this week, so no other work obligations are possible.
  2. Lead a peer group full time during the week of New Student Orientation. This is a full-time commitment for this week so no other work obligations are possible.
  3. Continue to lead your Peer Group (arranging and leading a service experience, social events and support around registration) during the Fall Semester.
  4. Attend & participate in Peer Group Leader consultation meetings during the Fall Semester.

Download PGL Job Description


  1. Have at least a 2.8 GPA or present evidence that one’s GPA will meet the standard by the end of the semester.
  2. Be a student in good standing in the Work Program, Student Life & in the Service Learning Program
  3. Make a commitment to live totally free of illegal drugs and illegal/unsafe alcohol use during the entire fall semester.
  4. Provide evidence of interests, skills & experience in leading groups.
  5. Make the commitment to return to campus for Peer Group Leader Training during second week of August.  Dorms will be open to PGL's.

Academic Credit

Peer Group Leaders may register for the 2 credit Group Leadership Practicum I (PSY 350) course. If a Peer Group Leader is taking the Group Leadership Practicum (II) for a 2nd time, the course number is PSY 352. Peer Group Leaders will not be charged if these 2 credits put them over the 18-credit limit.

Application and Process

Download PGL Recommendation Form and PGL Application, complete both forms, get required signatures and return both forms to:

Lyn O’Hare
CPO 6322
Academic Support - 3rd Floor Morse Science Hall, Room 306

Peer Group Leaders and Instructors - Fall 2014


Ammons, Brian
Black, Nettie (Social Science)
Blair, Ross (Fine Arts/Humanities)
Brenner, Mark (Natural Science)
Brock, John (Natural Science)
Carwile, Christey (Social Science)
Eckstein, Bob (Natural Science)
Gaughan, Warren (Fine Arts/Humanities)
Han, Donping (Fine Arts/Humanities)
Howard, Carol (Fine Arts/Humanities)
Jonas, Annie (Social Science)
Knight-Oakley, Martha (Social Science)
Lawrence, Lucy (Social Science)
Knisley, Amy (Natural Science)
Miller, Jay (Fine Arts/Humanities)
Phillips, Angela (Fine Arts/Humanities)
Wantland, Evan (Natural Science)

Peer Group Leader

Michelle Beers
Jackson Neil Grimm
Gabe Whitlock
Mollie Donihe
Jamie DeMarco
Wendell (Elizabeth) Robinson
Claudia Mormino
MK (Mary Kate) Pennell
Elizabeth Greer
Emery Mattheis
Marina Keene
D’Andrea Lottier
Lewis Pullman
Keegan Van Gorder
Shannon Waldman
Lydia Weller
Taylore Huntley

Transfer Peer Group Leaders

Elias Hinderberger
Katrina Hoven
Delilah Scott
Sarah Maness
Sophia Strickler

Rebecca Johnson - Int. Students