Academic Support Staff

Lyn O'Hare

Deborah Braden
Assistant Director, Educational Access
Lyn is the Director of Academic Support. She teaches a section of the College Academic Skills course, manages the Peer Group Leader Program and teaches study abroad short term courses. She graduated from Warren Wilson with an undergraduate degree in Intercultural Studies and a focus on International Development. Her graduate degree is in Education with a focus on educational psychology.

Lyn is fascinated by the learning process and how the brain functions while navigating the never ending human experience of trial and error for the pursuit of knowledge. Prior to working at Warren Wilson, she directed and taught at a community school in the cloud forest of Costa Rica.

As a student at WWC, she traveled extensively. She learned a lot and found the process of putting theory to practice across the Triad to be one of vibrant discovery. Now, years later, she is very happy to be working with students who are doing the same.
Deborah is the Assistant Director for Educational Access, serving students with disabilities. She assists them by developing accommodation plans and connecting them with other resources. She also teaches a section of the College Academic Strategies course and is an academic advisor.

Prior to her coming to WWC in 2006, she lived in Morro Bay, CA (on the beach) and worked for San Luis Obispo County Office of Education in special education administration. In ancient days, she was and still is a licensed, credentialed speech/language pathologist, primarily in California but also in Missoula, Montana (a favorite place).

She loves working with the students at WWC and loves what she does. She is grateful to be living in Black Mountain with her husband of 40 years and close to her children and their families, including five grandbabies.


Judith Huber
Assistant Director, Program Initiatives
As Assistant Director of Program Initiatives, Judy is responsible for managing all aspects of the peer tutoring program and overseeing the development of the Academic Support Center.  In addition to providing academic support counseling and supervising the work crew, she also teaches a section of the College Academic Strategies course, emphasizing her efforts toward first year students.

Her bachelor and master degrees in Technology from Kent State University have served her well in her career pursuits at Warren Wilson. She has been able to utilize them in a variety of capacities by creating and updating handbooks (Faculty Advising Manual, Student Handbook, SL Crew Handbook, and SL Administrative Assistant Handbook), developing and distributing newsletters (Governance Newsletter and Student Life's "The Hoot" in 2012-13), developing and maintaining websites (Academic Support Services currently and Governance Hub, Student Life, New Student Welcome, and Student Handbook web version 2011-2013) and establishing a variety of communications and streamlined programs among various departments across campus.

Judy lives in Black Mountain with her mate David and cat Louie. She has  two sons and two grandsons in Ohio. She is a musician who belongs to a band called Hobos and Lace where writing, playing, and performing their songs is among her many passions.