Testing Services

If eligible, students are provided an accommodation plan which notes all types of accommodations including those for testing. Testing Services is a support service that offers eligible students the option of extending their time for taking tests, alternative modes for testing, and alternate locations. Some of the faculty members provide testing accommodations in their class or department, while others request assistance from the Assistant Director of Educational Access. Some faculty members provide testing accommodations in their class rooms or department, while others may request Testing Services support.

Students are responsible for meeting with faculty members to discuss how any requested accommodations are to be implemented in the classroom.

Academic Support Services

If testing assistance is needed to accommodate for quizzes or exams, please give 1 week notice to the Assistant Director, Educational Access. The faculty member administering the test must download and complete the Testing Accommodation Request Form.  Upon completion, this form may be either hand delivered to Academic Support, 3rd Floor, Morse Science Hall or emailed along with the test.

Please send all forms, questions, or concerns to Deborah Braden, ext. #3791 or email educationalaccess@warren-wilson.edu.