Academic Support administers and manages most peer tutoring support across campus. Currently enrolled students having difficulty in any course where tutoring is not available can access a qualified peer tutor for free by attending scheduled one-on-one tutoring sessions or attending Study Nights with drop-in group tutor sessions.

One-On-One Tutoring

For students who prefer working with a tutor one-on-one, we offer peer tutoring support where students can schedule appointments based on days and times made available by the tutor. All tutors are required to post their schedules online through Moodle.

Scheduling a One-On-One Appointment through Moodle

  • Open the Moodle website, and log in.
  • Click on the "Academic Support Services" link in the upper left hand corner located above "Placement Exams".
  • Click on the "Academic Tutoring" link (do not click on the link to the tutor's names).
  • If you have not already, enroll into the page by clicking the "Enroll Me" button.
  • Once you're in the page, click on the Scheduler link for the tutor within the academic discipline listed. Note: be sure to double check the course the tutor is qualified to tutor before scheduling the appointment.
  • Select a day/time that is offered by the tutor. Click "Save My Choice" once you've selected the day/time.
  • To schedule multiple tutoring sessions, please log out and then log back in for each session.

Canceling a Tutor Appointment

If an appointment must be cancelled, please be sure to cancel through the Moodle account so that the time slot is available for someone else and the tutor is informed of the cancellation.

Before Attending a Tutor Session

  • Be prepared for your tutoring session by bringing your materials: homework, books, notebooks etc.
  • Bring your questions or concerns: be clear about what you need help with.
  • Be prepared to do the work: the tutor is there to guide you but will not do the work for you.
  • Don't wait until the last minute. Do get help as soon as you know you need it.

Becoming a Tutor

Approved tutors are students who have demonstrated a mastery of content and information in two or more courses and feel comfortable teaching and explaining course material to their peers. Students who desire to tutor must submit a Tutor Program Application to the Assistant Director of Program Initiatives within Academic Support. Students can also read and download the Tutoring Services Description and Application.


All tutors will:

  • maintain a current understanding of the course material.
  • manage their own on-line tutoring schedule.
  • attend workshops and/or training sessions.
  • complete programming evaluations as requested through Academic Support

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Minimum of B in courses for which applying.
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA (2.8 GPA to 3.0 requires special permission through Academic Support and Academic Advisor)
  • Be in good academic, work and conduct standing
  • Provide tutoring for no more than four courses
  • Tutor no more than 5 hours per week
  • Tutor no more than 2.5 hours per tutee per week
  • Tutors are paid per hour, not per tutee
  • Be a sophomore, junior, or senior standing (freshmen tutors require special permission)
  • Attend workshop and/or training sessions as requested

Tutor Payment

Tutors are paid a minimum wage for no more than 5 hours of tutoring per week above and beyond the 15 hour work week contract. Tutoring does not replace the weekly work agreement; it is an agreement outside of regular work crew hours.

Once approved as a tutor, the Work Program Office (WPO), course instructor(s), and possibly advisor will be contacted and a time card will be set up in Campus WEB. All tutors will be provided with further instruction and information regarding future workshops, training and events and all tutors will be enrolled into Moodle Scheduler so that they can set up their online appointment calendar.

Upon notification, the WPO will set up online timecards for tutors that have been approved through Academic Support.  A timecard will be generated each week for students to submit hours on CampusWeb. Timecards will be approved/rejected through Academic Support based on Moodle Scheduler appointments and Study Nights schedules.  Tutors must contact the WPO each week if there are weeks that they do not tutor, so that the WPO can administratively delete empty timecards. All submitted and approved timecards will run through the Accounting office monthly and students will receive a paycheck in their campus mailbox. Visit the WPO's website for the student payroll schedule.  Note: When tutoring a group of students, tutors are paid per hour, not per tutee, and should tutor no more than 2.5 hours during one session.

Tutors are responsible for posting tutoring hours no later than the Monday following the week of tutoring.

Tutor Application Process

To become a tutor, all tutors must complete a Tutoring Services Application and submit it to Judy Huber, Assistant Director of Program Initiatives, 3rd floor Morse Science Hall.

Workshops and Training

All students who have been approved to provide tutoring services are required to attend workshop and training sessions as requested. Advance notification will be sent advertising dates, times, and locations.

Tutoring News and Information

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