Warren Wilson College Support Programs and Services

Career Services

Wendy Seligmann, Director
Ext. 3033, careerservices@warren-wilson.edu
Dodge House, Room 203

Career Services works with students and alumni who are preparing for the next steps on life's journey. We help students and alumni as they navigate transitions in their quest for meaningful work and service. Career Services coaches students to see how knowledge, skills, and experience gained through the Triad can transfer to work and service opportunities beyond graduation. Career Services collaborates with faculty members, alumni, and work crew supervisors, as well as external organizations, to connect people, ideas, opportunities, and experiences.
Career Services strives to help students as they
1. discern and develop their gifts, skills, and interests,
2. wrestle with tough choices about work and career,
3. identify and research opportunities that fit their preferences,
4. pursue internships or service opportunities in the US and abroad,
5. consider options for graduate /professional school, prepare admission applications, and seek funding,
6. prepare for the GRE and other graduate school entrance examinations,
7. seek mentors in their areas of interest and a network of colleagues and contacts,
8. prepare for graduation - for moving on to work, school and service in the wider world,
9. conduct a successful search for meaningful work, and
10. connect with prospective employers and educational programs.

In addition, Career Services also
1. assists alumni with job search and other career change issues and
2. connects employers with students and alumni to show employers how the Triad gives Warren Wilson graduates experience that makes them valuable employees.

Among the services and resources provided are:
1. one-on-one career advising,
2. self-assessment tools,
3. a resource library,
4. assistance in writing resumes, cover letters, personal statements and other professional correspondence,
5. OWLink (https://warrenwilson-csm.symplicity.com/) a robust, searchable database of employment, internship, educational, fellowship and service opportunities and
6. Connections with alumni and friends of the College through the Warren Wilson Career Network.

Career Services helps students to frame a vision for their lives and to pursue that vision. Students are helped to prepare to make a difference in the world - to make a good living and a good life.

Computing Services

Ext. 3094, helpdesk@warren-wilson.edu
Bannerman Technology Center

The Computing Services Department of Warren Wilson College provides computing and networking support to the Warren Wilson community. Our offices are located in the Bannerman Technology Center, and office hours are from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. The Help Desk is staffed during computer lab hours in Bannerman. The Help Desk extension is 3094, and it should be your first call if you are having a problem.

There is one computer lab for student and staff use located in Bannerman Technology Center. There are four computer classroom labs located in: Witherspoon on the first and second floors, Spidel and Jensen. They are available for student use when they are not being used for classes, but class use always takes priority. The computer classrooms are open whenever the buildings are open.

Bannerman Computer Lab Hours
Monday through Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 1:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Sunday: 1:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Counseling Center

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-12 and 1-5
Art Shuster, LCSW, Director, Ext. 3773, ashuster@warren-wilson.edu
Jil Meadows, LCSW, Ext. 3905, jmeadows@warren-wilson.edu
Student Health Center, Murden

Counseling is a confidential process for dealing with issues and problems of life with a trained professional. People seek counseling when they realize that they need help making difficult life choices; managing conflicts in personal, family, or work life; coping with stress and anxiety; dealing with depression; reporting and/or healing from sexual assault; improving troubled relationships; grieving personal losses; healing wounds of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse; overcoming fears or phobias; recovering from addiction (tobacco, food, Internet, gambling, drugs, alcohol, sex); exploring spiritual crises; creating a healthier, happier lifestyle; building self-esteem; establishing healthy sexuality; clarifying life goals; addressing loneliness; deciding about pregnancy, birth, and parenting; or setting personal boundaries.

Counseling Center services include short-term individual and couples counseling; referrals to community therapists, treatment programs, and 12-step programs; emergency crisis counseling, personal development groups on special topics; training for Residence Hall Directors, Resident Assistants, and Peer Group Leaders; community education; and consultation to campus groups. Counseling services may also be utilized as a link between the student and parents, or others considered a part of one's personal network.

Diversity and Intercultural Initiatives

International Student Office
Ext. 2003, Lower Gladfelter
Multicultural Resource Center
Schafer A

Diversity and Intercultural Initiatives DII offers services to support the academic and personal empowerment and well-being of students of diverse national, ethnic and racial backgrounds. Our mission is to provide an environment where underrepresented students can flourish. Together, the DII Director, Student Coordinators, and Student Peer Mentors offer academic advising, mentoring, information on resources and opportunities at WWC, moral support, and advocacy. Students are welcome to schedule a meeting or drop by the Director’s Office, the International Student Office or the Multicultural Resource Center for a warm cup of tea, a listening ear, and a safe environment to meet with friends.

The Diversity and Intercultural Initiatives develops points of intersection, activities, resources, and intercultural training. Our goal is to promote awareness, appreciation, cultural competency, inclusion, and respect for cultural and racial diversity at WWC.

The Director of Diversity and Intercultural Initiatives responds to complaints relating to issues of discrimination, diversity, and inclusion. She also chairs the Diversity Practices Group and works with the Administrative Council to formulate and develop existing programs and policies designed to promote diversity and inclusion on campus.

Educational Access – Disability-related Services

Deborah Braden, Assistant Director, Educational Access
Ext. 3791, dbraden@warren-wilson.edu
3rd Floor Morse Science Hall, Room 302

The educational access coordinator assists students with documented disabilities in designing plans with reasonable accommodations for equal access to their educational program. The EAC serves as a resource and provides consultation to the student, faculty, and staff in implementing the accommodation plan.

A useful link that addresses college transition issues and students with disabilities is www.ed.gov/ocr. A publication entitled Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities is available through this link.

Health Center

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9-12 & 1-5
Pat Parker, RN
Ext. 2053, healthcenter@warren-wilson.edu
Student Health Center, Murden

The Health Center is staffed by a full-time Registered Nurse and a part time Registered Nurse. Medical direction is provided by an MD. There are no charges for most Health Center services. Some over-the-counter remedies are also dispensed without a fee. The College will provide transportation to either an afterhours care facility or the emergency room at the local hospital. There is a charge for visits to afterhours care facilities or other medical practitioners to whom you are referred. Generally health insurance is helpful in covering these costs. No health services are available over the summer or other times that classes are not in session.

Transportation for Medical Appointments
Transportation to off-campus scheduled medical appointments is available on a limited basis if you have no transportation of your own. Medical appointments include recovery groups, dentists, physical therapy, and medical specialists. To request a ride, contact the Health Center at least 24 hours in advance.

Pew Learning Center and Ellison Library

Christine Nugent, Director
Ext. 3061, nugent@warren-wilson.edu

Mission: The Pew Learning Center and Ellison Library participates in the educational mission of the college by providing quality information resources, a service-oriented staff, and a welcoming environment for students, faculty, and staff.

The library is open 88 hours each week while classes are in session. It offers group study rooms with projection equipment, individual study carrels, study tables, and lounge seating. A study room is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the academic year. Wireless and off-campus access to licensed resources are provided.

The library houses a collection of about 100,000 books, a browsing journal collection, a leisure reading collection, videos and music CDs. The library offers a wide variety of electronic resources including the online library catalog, over 150 online databases, and well over 90,000 eBooks. The databases provide indexing, abstracts, and full-text articles from over 21,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers. Librarians continuously update and expand the library homepage at www.warren-wilson.edu/~library/ to serve as the gateway to information resources. Librarians offer instruction in the use of library resources linked to classes as well as one-on-one research assistance. Contact Heather Stewart Harvey (hharvey@warren-wilson.edu)or David O. Bradshaw (dobrshaw@warren-wilson.edu) for more information or if you need help. BK Segall (bksegall@warren-wilson.edu) is the person to see about checking out materials and questions about course reserves.

Spiritual Life

Brian Ammons, Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life
Ext. 3747, spirituallife@warren-wilson.edu
Dodge House, Room 103A

The Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life is a member of the Student Life Division of the College. He works closely with students and gives support to student groups such as Emmaus (Christian faith group), the Jewish Student Association, BE (Buddhist group), and the Quaker group. He is the work crew supervisor of the Spirituality and Social Justice crew. He also works with the Spiritual Life Committee to plan both interfaith and tradition-specific rituals, observances, and celebrations on campus. He also provides pastoral care and spiritual direction for members of the campus community.

Wellness Center

Charlie Wright, Wellness Coordinator
Ext. 3736, cwright@warren-wilson.edu
Vining C

The goal of the Wellness Program is to help the members of the Warren Wilson College community to create, pursue and practice a lifestyle of wellness. Activities include classes in different styles of yoga, tai chi, dance and movement, vegetarian cooking, food as a tool in healing; and workshops in herbal healing and identification, bodywork and the healing arts, meditation, Earth skills, and many others.

Writing Center

Julie Wilson, Director
Ext. 3003, jwilson@warren-wilson.edu
Lower Sunderland

Writing Tutoring
Peer writing tutors are available on an appointment or drop-in basis throughout the week and during limited hours on the weekend. Tutors work with students on all facets of college writing, including refining thesis statements, bringing in outside research, reorganizing drafts, and identifying and correcting grammatical errors. Tutors can help with all types of writing from poetry to lab reports. Schedule an appointment through the website, or drop in and say hello. We also encourage students to use the center as a place to study and write.

Weekly Writing Sessions
WRI 105/106 – 1 credit
All writers benefit from sharing and discussing their work with knowledgeable, interested readers. This course provides such an opportunity, pairing each student writer with a peer tutor from the Writing Center for weekly one-on-one writing sessions. With the peer tutor’s support, the student writer works on planning, drafting, revising, and editing papers assigned for other classes. Some students bring creative writing. Some use the sessions as check-ins during long research projects, bringing notes, insights, outlines, questions, and drafts. The Writing Center director oversees the course.