Please complete, print, and return one of the following Payment Agreements, as applicable to you:           

2014-15 Continuing Student Payment Agreement

2014-15 New Freshman Payment Agreement

2014-15 New Transfer Payment Agreement

2014-15 Readmitted Student Payment Agreement

Return to:
Joy Dorr
CPO 6362
PO Box 9000
Asheville, NC  28815-9000


Click on the link below to view the Withdrawal and Refund Policy

2014-15 Withdrawal and Refund Policy


Since it is now required that our students have health insurance coverage, all students will be billed ($507 in the fall for coverage for 8/1/14-12/31/14; and $713 in the spring for coverage for 1/1/15- 7/31/15).  If a student already has health insurance, then our insurance must be waived for the fee to be removed.

Click here for the "Health Insurance Waiver"