Jon Reid '03 is Jar-e

Jare-e Small


I came to WWC as someone fresh out of highschool with my head full of big ideas how I wanted to change the world.  I couldn't have come to a better place. My plan was to create my own major, Creative Music Education. I had the idea of how I would integrate the progressive academics (education, ecology, creative writing, etc...) of WWC with the more traditional nuts and bolts music curriculum of UNCA.

To be honest, in short order I was swept away by the people, the classes, and the opportunity at WWC and I put my original course of study on the back burner.  I was fascinated by my classes and the wide array of new people with which I was now immersed.

Due in large part to a travel/service trip I took with the wonderful Andy Summers, I fell in love with Spanish and became the first Spanish major to graduate from the school. My musical needs were met on my own terms with interaction and inspiration from my classes and classmates.

I help to form a band called oolooo orchestra with other WWC students including Drew Heller, one of the founding member of now world famous Toubab Krewe. We played jazz standards and composed original tunes and quickly garnered a weekly engagement in Sage Cafe. People loved us and and our creativity thrived, buoyed by what we learning in class, during our service projects, our work crews and our international travel.

Music, I realized, was something I had to do no matter what else was going on in my life. Not an either/or situation but a constant to keep me sane and vibrant.

After graduation, I traveled the globe teaching ESL, writing and longing for Asheville all the while. I came back to town about 4 years ago to put down roots and to pursue my music career. Since then I have released 3 studio records, toured extensively with my live band and was just recently was interviewed about my music on NPR's All Things Considered.

I'm still trying to find the balance between my teaching, writing, service of the community, travel and music. But I am happy and thankful for all of the opportunities I now have to become the person I hope to be. I owe so much of that to Warren Wilson. More than I can adequately express.

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