The Secret B-Sides

Secret B-Sides

Juan Holliday '05 – The Secret B-Sides

As a Warren Wilson student, I worked with my professors to create independent studies and find various ways to learn about my Native American heritage—my mother's side of the family. Ultimately, that pursuit culminated in a B.A. in Global Studies with a Concentration in Latin American Studies.

The work I completed toward my degree gave me a more dynamic sense of how my own family's history relates with and differentiates from bigger themes in global history. I also discovered that, among my mother's familial web—the Hiaki people—ceremonial music is used to invoke power from other experiential dimensions, such as the Flower World, a world in which the most desirable outcomes are manifest.

My band mates and I, otherwise known as the Secret B-Sides, have created a sort of vortex into that Flower World, in the audio format of a twelve song album, called “Flowers & Chocolate.”

About this album, WNC Magazine states, "[w]hile the B-Sides’ ethereal charm will appeal to devotees of funk, soul, and classic R&B, Flowers & Chocolate [also] has something for fans of hip-hop."

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