Please Tell Us What You Are Up To.

We need your story and the story of your classmates. Please help us increase our knowledge of what you've done since you left Warren Wilson College in one of the following ways: 


Your unique story is very important to us for several reasons:


  1. Career Services needs to know what alumni are doing in order to help current students and recent graduates find their own career path. It is so helpful to our students to know the directions graduates have taken.
  2. Your classmates and other alumni are curious to know what you are up to. 
  3. Our admissions representatives need your story. Future students and the parents of future students want to know what our graduates do. Your story is important because it helps us recruit the Warren Wilson students of tomorrow.
  4. Our grant writer and major gifts officers and other folks in Advancement need to be able to tell your story when writing grant proposals or addressing audiences of donors. Your unique story along with the stories of other graduates can help us raise much needed funds (which also helps us recruit the Warren Wilson students of tomorrow.)