Distinguished Alumni Awards

Nomination Deadline is January 1, 2014

Award Nominating Process 

Download the Distinguished Alumni Awards Nomination Form


General Criteria:

  1. Current members of the Warren Wilson College Alumni Relations staff and Alumni Association Board Members are ineligible to receive an Alumni award.
  2. The nominations are reviewed by the Alumni Association Alumni Board  Awards Committee, which acts as an impartial evaluator and does not participate in the nomination process.
  3.  Names of nominees who were not selected will remain under active consideration for a period of three years from the date of his/her nomination.
  4. Recipients are expected to return to campus to attend the awards ceremony for which they are being honored.


Nomination Process

  1. A nomination packet including Nomination Forms may be completed and faxed or mailed to:

    Alumni Relations
    Warren Wilson College  CPO 6324  P.O. Box 9000
    Asheville, NC 28815-9000
    Fax 828-771-5850  alumni@warren-wilson.edu

  2. Solicitations for nominations will also be made through the Alumni E-newsletter and other appropriate means of electronic and written communications.
  3. At the given deadline, all Nomination Forms will be reviewed by the Director of Alumni Relations. Incomplete forms will be returned for completion.
  4. All completed nomination materials will be compiled and sent to members of the awards committee for review and selection.
  5. Awards committee will meet to review final ratings and make final selections.
  6. Letter of Congratulations will be sent to selected recipients.
  7. Certificates will be sent to all nominees who were not selected as award recipients.
  8. Names of nominees who were not selected as award recipients will remain under active consideration for a period of three years from the date of his/her nomination.


Awards Criteria

Distinguished Alumni Award
This award honors alumni who have achieved distinction in their chosen fields and who embody the principles for which the College stands, particularly the triad of study, work, and service as well as concern for the brotherhood of all people. Recipients may have been widely recognized or be leading lives of quiet service in obscure places. The award goes to alumni who have attended any of the former schools now a part of Warren Wilson College.  Previous Winners

Distinguished Service Award
This award goes to a person who has demonstrated particular dedication and support of the ideals and principles of Warren Wilson College even though the person may not have had an official relationship to the College. It may be awarded to a member of its faculty, administration or supervisory staff, its Board of Trustees, National Board of Visitors, or Board of Church Visitors or Alumni would be eligible. The award is given only to a person who had dedicated his or her time, talents, or resources beyond the call of duty in the service of the College.  Previous Winners

Distinguished Community Service Award
This award granted to an alumnus/a for distinguished accomplishment in any field of COMMUNITY SERVICE THAT BRINGS HONOR TO THE RECIPIENT. The person’s contribution need not be one in which public acclaim is emphasized but may have religious, social, or educational value. The recipient is a person who has achieved recognition among colleagues for accomplishments and service to a community.  Previous Winners


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