Information for including Warren Wilson College in Wills and Bequests

A bequest is an easy way to make a lasting, significant gift to Warren Wilson College. Your will should be crafted with the guidance of your attorney and estate advisors. Here is appropriate bequest language:

Specific Bequest
“I give, devise, and bequeath to Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC, $____________.”

Percentage Bequest
“I give, devise, and bequeath to Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC, __________% of my estate.”

Residue Bequest
“I give, devise, and bequeath to Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC, the residue of my estate, including real and personal property.”

Unrestricted Bequest
An unrestricted bequest gives the College maximum flexibility to meet its most urgent needs. Whether you are making a specific, percentage, or residual request, you may add this language to specify an unrestricted bequest.

“This gift may be used to further the educational objectives of Warren Wilson College in such a manner as the Trustees of the College may direct.”

Restricted Bequests
If you have a special interest in scholarships, an academic department, or other programs of the College, you may make a restricted bequest to specify your wishes. So that we can be certain to achieve your intentions, you or your attorney should consult the Warren Wilson College Office of Advancement (828-771-2042) to plan the details of your bequest. Over time the College’s needs may change, so we recommend that your instructions be stated broadly with as few restrictions as possible. To allow for changes that cannot be anticipated, it is helpful to include a statement such as:

“If, in the opinion of the Trustees of Warren Wilson College or their successors, the need for funds for the purpose described no longer exists at some future date, the Trustees or their successors are authorized to use these funds in the best interest of the College.”

Endowment Bequests
Both unrestricted and restricted bequests can be designated to create permanent endowment funds, which produce income for Warren Wilson College to use in perpetuity. To accomplish this, the following language would be included after the description of the assets you intend to give: “The property comprising this gift shall, for investment purposes, be merged with the general endowment funds of Warren Wilson College, to be entered into the College's books and records as ‘The _____ Endowment Fund,’ and to be permanently known by that name. The principal of this Fund shall be retained, and the earnings from it used, in accordance with the College's policies for expenditure of endowment income, for the following purpose...”

Endowment bequests may be added to existing Warren Wilson College endowment funds. If you have questions about our existing funds or other bequest topics, please contact the Office of Advancement, at (828) 771-2042.