Establish a Charitable Remainder Trust

Similar to a gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust (also called an annuity trust or unitrust) allows you to designate a fixed amount or a percentage of your gift as annual income for yourself, your spouse, your heirs or
others for a period of up to 20 years. When the trust period expires, the remainder of your gift will support Warren Wilson.

Nancy Weaver

Charitable Remainder Trust

When Nancy Weaver’s son, Dick, graduated from Warren Wilson College in 1980, it was indeed a proud day.

“Dick did well in high school if he was interested in the subject matter, but not so well if he wasn’t. So, his grades were up and down,” she explains. “Warren Wilson accepted him, but made it clear he’d have to prove himself academically—and he did it.”

She credits not only the College’s high academic standards, but also the aspects of work and service that kept Dick challenged and engaged. “This was the right place for him to be. When he started looking for colleges, he wanted to go somewhere in the mountains and to a small school. He liked what he saw at Warren Wilson.” According to Nancy, the high expectations that Warren Wilson had for her son and its supportive environment were instrumental in his success. “Other students need that approach and opportunity,” she says.

Nancy decided to make a planned gift through a charitable remainder trust, which includes Warren Wilson as a beneficiary. The trust eventually will provide general support for the College. For now, income from the trust is reinvested to help increase its value, but Nancy could also use it to provide support for herself or her children if required. “I realized that my children’s needs will be met, and I had the opportunity to support something important with a planned gift. I chose Warren Wilson so that other students can have the great experience that my son did.”

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