The Alumni Association Constitution

To ensure that Warren Wilson College of Asheville, North Carolina, may always have the support of a strong Alumni Association, the former students of Dorland-Bell School, Asheville Farm School, Mossop, Warren Wilson High School, Warren Wilson Junior College, Warren Wilson College, and the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Program establish themselves into such an organization according to this outlined constitution.


ARTICLE 1 - Name of the Organization

The name of the organization is Warren Wilson College Alumni Association.

ARTICLE 2 - Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to foster among Alumni a spirit of fellowship and service; to interpret Warren Wilson College to the community in which they live; to promote among a continuous active interest and support of their Alma Mater; and to provide an organization through which Warren Wilson College can continue to offer educational and cultural advantages to its Alumni and the community at large. 

ARTICLE 3 - Membership and Association

Former students of the Dorland-Bell School, Mossop, Asheville Farm School, Warren Wilson High School, Warren Wilson Junior College, and Warren Wilson College are members of the Association.


ARTICLE 4 - Alumni Association Board

Section 1. 


a.   The Alumni Board consists of three classes with seven Alumni for each class.

b.   The graduating senior class may elect one of its graduates for a one year term. 

c.   The junior class may elect a one non-voting representative to the Board to represent them for the following academic year. 


Section 2. 


Each year a class of seven Alumni will rotate off the Board and will not be eligible for re-election to the Board for a period of one year. 


Section 3. 


a.   Term: Each year a class of seven Alumni will be elected at the annual Alumni Association meeting in October at Homecoming to serve a three-year term on the

      Alumni Board. 

b.   Resignation: A member may resign at anytime if he/she feels unable to fulfill his/her term by a written notice to the President of the Alumni Board.

c.   Removal: A member absent from or inactive for more than one meeting a year in a term may be considered inactive. The Executive Council by unanimous vote

      may declare the inactive member’s term to be “vacant.”  

d.   Compensation: Alumni Board members may not receive any compensation for their services as such. This provision shall not be construed to preclude members from being reimbursed

      for reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out their duties or to preclude members from serving the College in any other capacity in furtherance of the College’s purposes and objectives and receiving reasonable compensation thereafter.  Prior to any expenditures requiring compensation or

      reimbursement from the College, Board members must have written approval by the Director of Alumni Relations. Note: Email approval does constitute written



Section 4. 


The membership of the Alumni Association will be provided the opportunity to submit names of alumni members for nominations. Members will be informed of the seven (or more) nominees prior to the annual meeting. Nominees presented on the ballot will reflect the membership of the Association as stated in Article 3. 


Section 5. 


The immediate past President of the Alumni Association will serve as a member of the Alumni Board for one year. 


Section 6. 


The Alumni Board will meet at least three times a year, at the request of the President of the Association, in accordance with the By-laws, at the time of the annual meeting and at other times as necessary for conducting business. 


Section 7. 


a.   Search committee appointments at Warren Wilson are made by the HR Director and the search committee chair.  The Director of Alumni Relations will be an

      employee of the College. It is recommended that at least one representative of the Alumni Board named by the Executive Council serve on the College search

      committee for this position.

b.   The Director of Alumni Relations of Warren Wilson College will be a non-voting member of the Alumni Board and Executive Council of the Alumni Association.  


ARTICLE 5 - Executive Council

Section 1. 


Officers of the Association will consist of President, President-Elect, and Secretary. Each officer will serve a two-year term. Collectively, these officers will be called the Executive Council. 


Section 2. 


The duties of the Executive Council will be to promote and carry out the program and projects approved by the Alumni Association. 


Section 3. 


A nominating committee, designated by the Executive Council, will make nominations for the Executive Officers prior to the annual meeting. Association members may make

recommendations to the nominating committee. 


Section 4. 


An officer absent from or otherwise failing to participate in more than one meeting in a year in a term may be considered inactive. With a vote of two thirds of the Alumni Board

(eighteen members) an officer may be removed. The position will be filled by appointment of the Executive Council for the remainder of the officer’s term.  


ARTICLE 6 - Duties of the Officers

Section 1. 


a.   The President will preside at all meetings of the Executive Council, the Alumni Board, and the annual Alumni Association meeting and serve as a liaison to and ex-officio member of the Warren Wilson College Board of Trustees.  In the event the President resigns or is unable to fulfill his or her duties, the President-Elect will take over for the remainder of the term and then will serve his or her two-year term as President.

b.   The President is not permitted to designate a replacement to attend a WWC Board of Trustees meeting in his or her absence.  


Section 2. 


The President-Elect will preside in the absence of the President and when authorized to do so by the President. The President-Elect will automatically succeed the President. In the event the President-Elect takes over the President’s duties, resigns, or is unable to fulfill his or her duties, the Executive Council will appoint a member of the Alumni Board to fill the remaining time of the term. At the next Association meeting a new President-Elect will be elected.  


Section 3. 


The Secretary, in conjunction with the Director of Alumni Relations, will record minutes of all authorized meetings. The Secretary will make any additions or deletions, and, after final approval distribute minutes to the Board. In addition, the Secretary will maintain all records of the Alumni Board and Association. 


Section 4. 


The Executive Council will appoint members to fill vacancies on the Board and establish all committees and their chairpersons. Any appointed member may be eligible to serve an additional elected term of three years.


ARTICLE 7 - Duties of the Alumni Board

Section 1. 


The Board will handle all preliminary business of the Association and make recommendations to the Association. 


Section 2. 


The Board will support the Executive Council in carrying out the activities of the



ARTICLE 8 - Standing Committees

Section 1. 


The Executive Council will establish Alumni Board Standing Committees appropriate to

meet the needs of the Association. 


Section 2. 


The Executive Council may appoint ad-hoc Committees. 


ARTICLE 9 - Meeting of the Association

There will be an annual meeting of the Association at Homecoming.

ARTICLE 10 - Meeting Procedure

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised will be the guide in the conduct of all meetings.


ARTICLE 11 - Changes in the Constitution and By-laws

Section 1. 


All suggested changes in the Constitution and By-laws must be submitted to a member of  the Executive Council. The Executive Council will appoint an ad-hoc Constitution Committee to review and make recommendations on all suggested changes in consultation with the Director of Alumni Relations..   


Section 2. 


The Constitution Committee will submit all Board-approved changes to the membership prior to the annual meeting. 


Section 3. 


A two-thirds majority vote of the Members of the Association, present at the annual meeting, will be necessary to change the Constitution 


Amended: October 1960 

October 14, 1961 


Revised: October 1975 

October 1983 

October 1989 

October 1996 

October 2000 

October 2004

October 2009

October 2010

October 2012


The Board membership will reflect the make up of the Association and represent all former students of the institution as much as possible. 


The Alumni Board will meet at times during the year as needed to conduct the business of the Association. One meeting per year may be held by conference call or other electronic means.  The Board will meet at the time of the annual meeting, at a winter meeting, a summer meeting, and at other times deemed necessary for conducting business. 


The Executive Council has established the following Standing Committees in order to keep the Alumni Board  informed of significant issues relevant to Association interests.

Each committee will make recommendations for the consideration of the Alumni Board at its meetings throughout the year.  


1. Connectivity Committee 

The duty of the Connectivity Committee will be to focus on the status of student mentoring, alumni contacts, and interaction between current students and Alumni by providing support and working closely with the Director of Alumni Relations and the Career Resource Center at Warren Wilson College. 


2. Fundraising Committee 

The duty of the Fundraising Committee is to provide support to the Advancement Office in reviewing, monitoring, and participating (where appropriate) in the long-range development of fundraising as it relates to the Alumni Association. 


3. Events Committee
The duty of the Events Committee is to assist with major and minor events, including Homecoming and Weekend@Wilson, that bring alumni and other constituencies back to campus.


4. Nominating and Recognition Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing nominations and recommending candidates for vacancies on the Alumni Board and for evaluating nominations for Distinguished Alumni Awards given by the Alumni Association. The final selection will be made by a committee which includes members of the committee, the Executive Council and the Director of Alumni Relations. 


Adopted: October 2009
Revised: October 2013