2013 Distinguished Alumni Award

This award honors alumni who have achieved distinction in their chosen fields and who embody the principles for which the College stands, particularly the triad of study, work, and service as well as concern for the brotherhood of all people. Recipients may have been widely recognized or be leading lives of quiet service in obscure places. The award goes to alumni who have attended any of the former schools now a part of Warren Wilson College.


Joshua Schwartz '00

Joshua holds a BA in Environmental Studies from WWC and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University. Joshua is currently the Executive Director of the Mad River Planning District in Vermont and previously served as the Planning and Zoning Director for the City of Barre and Regional Planner with the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission. While in Barre, he oversaw an inventory and assessment of the City’s hydroelectric generation potential. Joshua has received numerous honors including the 2013 Vermont Planning Association Project of the Year, 2012 Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association Professional Planner of the Year and 2011 Professional Planner of the Year. “Warren Wilson is where I met my wife, deepened my connection to place, challenged my beliefs, and developed an understanding of scale, community engagement, and personal ethics.” Joshua said, “I’m humbled by this recognition and very appreciative to have the opportunity to be a part of this dynamic community.”


Brian Teixeira '96

After receiving a BS in chemistry from the College, Brian worked as a research engineer for Amersham Health Inc., during which time he authored two U.S. patents for dispensing hyperpolarized gas and gas products. Brian is now a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he is an investigator, bomb technician, SWAT operator and FBI adjunct professor. Brian has received several honors, including the Joint Civilian Service Achievement Medal, which was presented in 2009 by the Headquarters Element of the Joint Task Force Paladin in Bagram, Afghanistan. He also received an Appreciation of Dedication and Support to the International Security Associated Force, in Kandahar, Afghanistan. In the U.S., Brian received certificates of accomplishment by the Massachusetts State Police for Invaluable Assistance rendering safe 52 explosives in two days.



Previous Winners

1961   Alton F. Pfaff ’29
1963   Wells Green 1903
1964   Frank G. Scarbrough ’36
1965   Albert F. Garrou ’20
1966   Ivy G. Cowan ’19
1967   Billy Ed Wheeler ‘53
1968   Ina Fleenor Crane ’46 & ’48
            Nicholas M. Mugo ’61
1969   John C. Ager ‘35
            Arun Preededilok ’59
1971   Lucile Herrin Faile ’54
1974   Algie Sutton ’25
1977   Lee Roberts ’32
1978   Hobert L. Crites, Jr. ’56
1979   Malcolm Brown ’38
1980   Former Staff
1981   Daniel P. Starnes ‘59
1982   C.C. Graham 1912
1983   Laile K. Hampton ’40
1984   Betty J. Nelson ’62
            Alton Wright ’40
            Ernst R. Laursen ’49
1985   Daniel W. McMurry ’50
1986   Revis M. Frye ’36
1987   E. Jackson Allison, Jr. ’63
1990   Jara Moserova Davidova ‘48
            Joseph S. Greene ’50
1991   Harold F. McKnight ’44
1992   Jose H. Chinquin ’75 Posthumously
            Laura Broad Chinquin ’76
1993   Richard R. Bellando ’59
1994   Sarah Striggles Davis ’59
             Willie "Bo" Walker ’74
             Ann Kennedy Wadstrom ’51
1995   George A. Baker ’54
1996   John L. Solomon ’40
1997   Joan Stonecipher Miracle ’57 & ’59
1998   Alex Brodrick ’66
1999   Enrique Ospina ’72
2000   J. Oscar McCloud ’56
2001   Steve Brannon ‘63
2002   Anne Graham Masters ‘73
2003   Bob Bowers ‘70
2004   Mark Adams ‘84
2005   Lee P. Ebner '40
2006   Megan Davies '84
2007   Joseph Karpati '59
            David Briscoe '74
2008   Anna Clyde Fraker '53
2009   Robert Tcholakian '56
            Daniel Shungu '65
            Tony Earley '83
   Dr. Steven Kane '87
2011   Dr. Ki Sub Joung '56
            Harry Atkins '56
Michael R. "Bob" Washel '72


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