2014 Distinguished Service Award

This award goes to a person(s) who has demonstrated particular dedication and support of the ideals and principles of Warren Wilson College even though the person may not have had an official relationship to the College. It may be awarded to a member of its faculty, administration or supervisory staff, its Board of Trustees, National Board of Visitors, or Board of Church Visitors or Alumni would be eligible. The award is given only to a person who had dedicated his or her time, talents, or resources beyond the call of duty in the service of the College.

The Congregation of the Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church and College Chapel

The Congregation of the Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church and College Chapel has played a critical and supportive role for Warren Wilson College since its beginning as the Farm School Presbyterian Church in the 1920’s Ongoing campus ministry activities include: helping new students move into their dorms, hosting potlucks for new and returning students, providing funding for mission and service trips, co-leading a weekly inter-denominational fellowship group with home-cooked meals by church members, and a holiday Cookies and Carols Sing-along during finals week. In 2013, the relationship between the Church and College was formalized in a covenant agreement, affirming their shared values and defining the partnership for years to come.

Previous Winners

1974   Catherine A. Owen
1975   Wallace E. Quinn
1978   Richard G. Jennings
   Congregation of First Presbyterian Church, Ardmore, PA
1980   All Former Staff
1981   R. Bruce McBratney
1982   Prudence Mierke
1983   Julian A. Woodcock, Jr.
            G. Gordon Mahy, Jr.
1984   Gran P. Childress
             Linn M. Perkins
1985   Howard E. Stanton
1987   Algie Sutton ‘25
1990   Archie D. Sutton ‘29
1990   Donald Warner
1992   Reuben A. Holden
1993   Judith Ritchie Hudson ’62
1994   Mark T. Banker ’73
            Evelyn A. Jones
            Elena Law
            Jackie Burgin Painter
            Roger and Christine Stuck ;55
            Carolyn Osborne Poplett ’47 & 49
            James W. G. Woollcott
            Asheville Normal &Teachers College
1995   Clyde Shuping ’59
             David C. Beebe
1998   Evelyn DeVries
            Helen and Homer Jones
1999   Tom Overman ’84
            Charles Cole, Trustee
2000   Herman Hull ‘36
            Ted White ‘79
2001   John McCracken ’44
2002   Janice Hopkins Frizzell ‘52
2003   Laile Hampton ‘40
2004   Billy Ed Wheeler ‘53
2005   Helena Taylor Hanna '55
            Kent O. Burkey '77
2006   Terry Sybrant '65 and '72
2007   Tom Kilday '73
2008   Charles Ross Hinkle '70
2009   Fran Moffitt Whitfield '55
2011   Beverly Ann Ohler
            Ray Stock
Bill Mosher
            Hugh D. Verner
  John and Nada ('60) Cail
            Buz and Marilyn Eichman
            June and Mel Seifert
            Bruce and Pat Willever


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