Endowment: The Ultimate Gift

No matter which vehicle you choose to make your planned gift to Warren Wilson, you can maximize its value in perpetuity by directing your gift to an existing or new endowment fund at the College. Strong endowment funds ensure that Warren Wilson can continue to provide its unique educational experience to students and weather the ups and downs of the economy for decades—or even centuries—to come. The Advancement Office has examples of existing endowment fund and sample endowment language.

Bill and Marilyn Hubbard


When Bill Hubbard came to Warren Wilson College in 1996 as library director, he and his wife, Marilyn, instantly noticed something special. Both have lifelong careers in higher education, and recognized the uniqueness of the Warren Wilson approach.

“Warren Wilson is a different model of higher education,” says Bill. “The learning Triad goes beyond academics and teaches students how to work with others, learn collaboratively and to serve others. It’s distinctive, and definitely has an important niche. Warren Wilson is doing the right thing in terms of education.”

Bill and Marilyn quickly became a valuable part of the College community, volunteering hours of their personal time in service to others. Both are members of the Council of Visitors and have served for the past two years as co-chairs. While working at the College, Bill served as a representative of the faculty and staff on the Board of Trustees. As co-chair of the Council of Visitors, Marilyn just completed two years as a trustee. For five weeks each summer, the couple are volunteer hosts for the Swannanoa Gathering—Warren Wilson College’s folk arts workshops.

In 2002, Bill opted for an early retirement, but still maintains strong ties to Warren Wilson. To ensure a lasting connection, the couple use the Bill and Marilyn Hubbard Charitable Endowment that they established at the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina. "The Community Foundation is a broker for our bequests, and a trusted third party to ensure that our endowment will make the gifts we’ve planned to Warren Wilson College when we’re no longer here,” Bill explains.

The couple made plans for immediate distribution of a percentage of the principal to Warren Wilson to a named scholarship fund once they’ve passed away. The remaining principal will serve as a permanent endowment that will make annual gifts to the scholarship fund as well as other organizations. Because the couple chose an endowment fund for their testamentary gifts, their estate can also avoid expensive North Carolina probate costs.

If you find this story compelling, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your giving desires and options.  Please contact our Office of Advancement at 828.771.2042. We look forward to hearing your story!