Create a Gift Annuity

Make a gift to Warren Wilson and at the same time provide income in the form of a fixed, annual payment to yourself or someone else through a charitable gift annuity. You or your designee will earn income from your gift during life, and the corpus of your gift will support Warren Wilson in years to come.

Jane Weis

Gift Annuity

For Jane Weis, the passion for Warren Wilson began more than 30 years ago, over a love of music. Weis and her husband moved to Swannanoa from Illinois in 1975 and discovered “Music in the Mountains” (now the Swannanoa Chamber Music Festival) on the Warren Wilson campus. “We were so pleased to discover such a great place for music so close to where we were living,” Jane remembers. “I wrote a letter to the president offering to volunteer.” Jane became an active volunteer, and in 1979, when Warren Wilson took administrative responsibility for the festival, she played a lead role. “I began working 15 hours a week, just like the students,” she says. “Since then I’ve helped with the 1984 self-study, was an assistant recording secretary for the student Phonathon, and now serve as a volunteer in the Advancement Office.”

As her volunteer duties have grown so has her relationship with Warren Wilson. She fondly recalls her daughter using the campus library to supplement her own studies during a break from another college, and the many concerts and events that have played a part in her life.

“I learned about planned giving through my work in the Advancement Office,” says Jane. “When my husband passed away in 1996, I discussed my financial future with my advisor, who suggested a gift annuity. I had some trepidation at first, because it seemed like a lot of money to give up, but it has produced regular quarterly income for me and given me a real feeling of financial security.”

Now 88 years old, Jane volunteers between 25-30 hours a week in the Advancement Office. She and other campus volunteers were recently honored at a special appreciation event. She is modest about her gifts of time and financial assets, however, simply saying, “Warren Wilson gives me a good reason to get up in the morning.”

If you find this story compelling, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your giving desires and options.  Please contact our Office of Advancement at 828.771.2042. We look forward to hearing your story!