Common Questions About Giving to Warren Wilson


Help us get the word out. If you hear these common misunderstandings, please explain the real story. Thank you!

I paid tuition, isn’t that enough?

At most colleges, the cost of education is higher than tuition. With over 90% of Warren Wilson students receiving institutional assistance, scholarships are important to our students and our College. Giving allows Warren Wilson College to attract and retain students of high academic caliber and personal merit, regardless of their financial situation, and also helps students realize thier dreams. Someone helped you to be here at Warren Wilson (even if you paid full tuition). Really! Tuition and fees cover about 75 percent of the annual cost of a Warren Wilson education. Gifts from you to the Warren Wilson College Fund play an essential role in covering this gap.

If I work for a non-profit or if I’m still paying off my student loans, why are you asking me to give?

You’re a giving person. You volunteer hours for trail maintenance, homeless shelters, and local political campaigns. You give in so many ways. Warren Wilson College needs your support too!

At Warren Wilson you learned about the world, the environment and yourself. You met good people. You had good times. Something you found here matters in your life today—whether your vocation, avocation, world view, passion for a certain non-profit, partner, or friends. We hope that you consider Warren Wilson a worthy cause that is instrumental in changing lives for the better.

Will my gift really make a difference?

Yes! We need you to give to Warren Wilson College so we can help our students learn, explore and have experiences that are similar to the Wilson experiences you had. We need money for scholarships to bring students from all different economic and cultural backgrounds here.

It is through your support and the support of other alumni, parents, grandparents, friends, churches and interfaith groups, businesses and foundations that our unique Triad learning experience is made possible for the Warren Wilson students of today.

Does participation really matter?

Your participation matters so much. Foundations and other potential major donors consider alumni, faculty, parent, and staff giving before awarding grants. When greater numbers of our own community give, it increases the likelihood that we receive these outside grants and gifts. Imagine yourself as a major donor or the head of a foundation. Would you want to give money to an institution that its own alumni and faculty and staff don’t even support?

National rankings by U.S. News & World Report are calculated by the percentage of alumni and friends who make a gift to the University annually. The value of your degree (or the value of your child’s or friend’s degree) increases with national recognition, so it’s to your benefit to give back. It also benefits our community.

Is Warren Wilson really different today?

When I was a student everyone had to go to chapel. OR when I was a student there was a baseball team. OR when I was a student we were more alternative.

Some things might be different, like hair styles or students having cell phones, but the core of the College, our dedication to the Triad of academics, work and service remains as it was. Right now at Warren Wilson College new students, students very much like you at that age, are being taught in small classes by faculty who care greatly. These students are waking up at the crack of dawn to work on the farm, shelving books in the library or chopping vegetables in the cafeteria. They are watching sunset on Dogwood.

Like when you attended school here, Warren Wilson College relies greatly on outside sources to be able to fund scholarships, build and repair campus facilities and buy equipment needed for everyday academic, work and service experiences.

The work here is still good as ever. Your College is still a place of honor. Our students still count on the faculty and staff and our faculty and staff are still special, extremely dedicated people. Even in tough times, this is a community that has thrived. People love and believe in this College. This College changes student’s lives. That has not changed.