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Anna Clyde Fraker

Scholarship Support through Retirement Assets

Anna Clyde Fraker, a retired researcher living in Gaithersburg, MD, graduated from Warren Wilson College in 1953.

The Greeneville, TN, native was introduced to Warren Wilson by an aunt and uncle who were members of the Presbyterian Church. “I had a very well-rounded experience at Warren Wilson, including academics, the arts and work,” she says. “The faculty and staff were a good influence on my life, and I made lifelong friends.”

After graduating from Warren Wilson, Anna received a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in materials sciences and spent a fascinating career as a researcher, both in university and government settings, including studying the use of metals as surgical implants in the human body.

In 2008, Anna used some of the rewards of her long career to reward Warren Wilson as well. To meet her goal, she established a new scholarship fund at Warren Wilson, to be funded with assets in a retirement plan at the time of her death. The scholarship will serve as a lasting memorial to her family. In the meantime, Anna will continue to contribute to Warren Wilson, as she has done over the years.

Using retirement plan assets to fund the endowed scholarship provides Anna with the flexibility to adjust her plans if needed. “While this is a formal arrangement between the retirement fund and Warren Wilson, it is possible to fund the scholarship by other means, and redirect the retirement plan assets,” she explains. “Either way, I will have made a lasting gift to Warren Wilson.”

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