Philip Garrou Scholarship

Philip Garrou was a descendent of Waldensians, a Christian community who emigrated from Sardinia in Europe to the United States in the late 1800’s, settling in Western North Carolina and founding the town of Valdese. Within years of immigrating, 18 men from Valdese attended the Asheville Farm School. This predecessor of Warren Wilson College appealed to the Waldensians because it provided the opportunity to work their way through school and because of its ties to the Presbyterian Church. After graduating from the Farm School, these men led commendable lives as leaders of industry, community, and educational institutions. Throughout his life, Mr. Garrou exemplified the values of Valdese’s founders. He graduated from Davidson College and returned home to work at the local hosiery mill, where he became Vice President. He was involved in the Waldensian Presbyterian Church and farmed land at his home until his death in 2008. In his will Mr. Garrou made a bequest to Warren Wilson College "in honor of the young Waldensian men who had the opportunity to attend Warren Wilson." A portion of the bequest established this scholarship for students with financial need.